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BitcoinBitcoin(s) is a pure virtual/digital currency, which is not backed by any physical good or commodity. It’s becoming popular nowadays; many businesses are doing bitcoin transactions. It is being used to do “fast payment”, it means that the time of exchange among currency and the product/service is short. It is not centralized by any particular institution, and no authority is regulating the process of transactions neither are guaranteeing the payment system. Bitcoins are being created by...

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to provide security on Web sites. 2. PKI is the most common public key encryption systems and, in most cases, this relies on manual trust and key distribution. 3. Message authentication code provides authentication or proves integrity of a digital message. 4. SHA-1 encryption scheme was broken and was replaced with a third round version of itself. 5. RSA is the first algorithm suited to both signing and encryption, and it is now widely used in e-commerce and other public key systems...

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A Explication of the RSA Algorithm

widely used for encryption and decryption in message communication for making the communication secure. * It is used for digital signature. * It is used for key distribution. * RSA is used in e-commerce and remote banking. Conclusion:- After the study, I find that RSA is a powerful and most widely used scheme for encryption / decryption and digital signature. It is more secure than that of DES and others. But as we know that the key length for secure RSA use has increased over recent...

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Design of a New Security Protocol Using Hybrid Cryptography Algorithms

contract has been agreed upon one party can't then renege by claiming that they didn't actually agree or did so at some different time when, perhaps, a price was higher or lower. Digital signatures and digital timestamps are used in such situations, often in conjunction with other mechanisms such as message digests and digital certificates. 95 Subasree & Sakthivel ● Design of a New Security Protocol IJRRAS 2 (2) ● February 2010 The range of uses for cryptography and related techniques is...

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Cop: an Ultra-Lightweight Secure Network Coding Scheme Via Last Forwarder’s Proof

Recently, many authentication methods are proposed to guarantee the correctness of encoding and forwarding results via the verification from receivers. Those methods include homomorphic hashing, homomorphic message authentication code, and homomorphic signature. However, those schemes result in expensive computation overhead due to the homomorphic cryptographic primitives, so that those methods will not be able to work in most applications that confront resource constraints. In this paper, we propose an...

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Unit 9 Lab 1

software, content checking tool, anti-spam tool, and secure firewall configurations. 2. Certificate Authority or Certification Authority (CA) is an entity, which is core to many PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) schemes, whose purpose is to issue digital certificates to use by other parties. It implies a trusted third party. 3. An attacker can create a certificate for any domain. This certificate will appear to be signed by a trusted CA. Thus, you will see that the site's cert is trusted and you...

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How Procter and Gamble Moved to Electronic Documents

documents, reduce costs, accelerate R&D initiatives, and improve tracking and signature compliance. P&G decided to adopt an electronic document management system. When P&G moved to electronic documents, it had to ensure that it could authenticate digital signatures and build signing and storage processes into its daily workflow. Further, P&G’s legal department wanted to ensure that it had a legally enforceable signature on file. The IT Solution P&G turned to IT integrator Cardinal Solutions...

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Non-repudiation It refers to one of the properties of cryptographic digital signatures that offer the possibility of proving whether a particular message has been digitally signed by the holder of a particular digital signature’s private key. A digital signature owner, who may like to deny a transaction maliciously, may always claim that his or her digital signature key was stolen by someone and that someone actually signed the digital transaction in question, thus not accepting/denying the transaction...

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Electronic Commerce

as a signature” as an electronic signature and the Act goes on to stipulate that if the document is in the form of an electronic message, it can now be executed by an electronic signature. However, this is subject to conditions that the electronic signature has to be attached to or is associated with the electronic document, adequately identify the person and adequately indicate the person’s approval of the information in the document and be reliable. Reliability of an electronic signature is established...

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Computer Applications

E-signature software enables you to sign documents online. Pioneered by RightSignature™, this popular technology is becoming a valued business tool in virtually every industry. ✓ Real, hand-drawn esignature online ✓ No paper, no printing, no faxing ✓ Secure, legally binding documents E-Signature Definition e-signature  noun related to esignature, electronic signature, esign, online signaturedigital signature 1. an electronic indication of a person’s intent to agree to the contents of...

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