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  • Cocaine

    COCAINE One of the most dangerous and widely abused drugs is cocaine‚ although they do not produce very severe physical dependent symptoms upon withdrawal. In the early 16th century‚ Francisco Pizzaro encountered the Inca; he found that royalty used the coca plant. This was the 1st contact Europeans had with this drug. In Peru this was considered to be “the gift of the Gods” (Craving for Ecstasy and Natural Highs: A Positive approach to mood Alteration Milkman‚ Sunderwirth) and was used in religious

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  • Crack Cocaine vs, Powder Cocaine

    between Crack Cocaine and Powder Cocaine The Disparities between Crack and Powder Cocaine Coca is a leafed plant that grows in the eastern slopes of the Andes. Cocaine is the world’s most powerful stimulant made naturally. This plant has been used be Indians for at least 5000 years. Traditionally‚ the leaves of the coca plant have been chewed for social‚ mystical‚ medicinal and religious purposes. Columbia is the lead producer of cocaine they supply eighty percent of the world’s cocaine (Coca and

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  • Facts on Cocaine

    Cocaine is a powerful central nervous system (CNS) stimulant that heightens alertness‚ inhibits appetite and the need for sleep‚ and provides intense feelings of pleasure. It is prepared from the leaf of the Erythroxylon coca bush‚ which grows primarily in Peru and Bolivia. Street dealers dilute it with inert (non-psychoactive) but similar-looking substances such as cornstarch‚ talcum powder‚ and sugar‚ or with active drugs such as procaine and benzocaine (used as local anesthetics)‚ or other

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  • cocaine in columbia

    the production of Cocaine in the early 1970’s. Why the production‚ and formation of huge Cartels‚ just to produce and distribute a psychoactive drug? Money! The return is huge and by that I mean cocaine is produced at $1500/kilo in jungle labs and could be sold on the streets of America for as much as $50‚000/kilo. Unfortunately‚ there is a demand for cocaine and will continue to be one‚ why? United states of America‚ with one in six‚ American citizens admitted to using Cocaine‚ America will continue

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  • Cocaine Metabolism

    Metabolism Figure 1 above is adapted from João M‚ et al (2012) the chromatographic methodologies for analysis of cocaine and its metabolites which‚ shows the metabolic pathway of cocaine administrated. Cocaine is largely metabolized into two major metabolites benzoylecgonine (BE) and ecgonine methyl ester (EME) and two minor metabolites norcocaine (NCOC) and m- and p-hydroxycocaine (OH-COC) (Goldstein et al.‚ 2009). Benzoylecgonine is primarily produce in the liver by human carbozylerstrase type

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  • Speech on Cocaine

    about the history of cocaine‚ how it became illegal‚ and how it affects society almost a hundred years later. Central Idea: Although cocaine was once hailed as a cure all drug‚ the general population failed to see how addictive and destructive the drug can be. Introduction I. In 1972 there was a test done on monkeys where they were injected with cocaine. II. When given a choice of interacting with other monkeys or living in isolation with unlimited amount of cocaine‚ they chose the latter

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  • Cocaine Usage

    Cocaine Abuse Kiara Palmer Shaw University Cocaine and crack are both drugs created from the coca plant but have different levels of refinement. Cocaine is an addictive stimulant of the central nervous system‚ extracted from the coca leaf. Cocaine is usually inhaled but can also be injected. Crack is the freebase form of cocaine that has been processed from the powdered cocaine hydrochloride form to a substance that can be smoked. Cocaine is taken in through the nose and crack is

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  • Cocaine Thesis

    English 4/23/13 Cocaine Cocaine is a Local Anesthetic and is unusual due to its affects on the brain. Usually Local Anesthetics have a common molecule with one slight difference that creates amides or esters‚ but cocaine has a completely different molecule setup but is still considered a Local Anesthetic. Its molecule is a complex alkaloid. This can cross the blood brain barrier and can have major affects on the brain and central nervous system. I will tell you what cocaine is‚ what its affects

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  • Cocaine Dependence

    Cocaine World of Scientific Discovery.  Kimberley A. McGrath and Bridget Travers. Online. Detroit: Thomson Gale‚ 2007. From Student Resource Center - Gold.  HIDE DETAILS SHOW DETAILS Document Type: | Topic Overview | Bookmark: | Bookmark this Document | Updated11/20/2006 For centuries‚ Peruvian natives have chewed the leaves of the coca plant because of their stimulating and exhilarating effect. In 1855 the German Gaedicke isolated the active alkaloid in coca leaves. Albert Niemann

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  • Cocaine Era's

    Three Cocaine Era’s The first Cocaine Era begins ruffly around 2500 BCE in South America. The Peruvian South Americans chewed on the Erythoxylan Shrub‚ which contains cocaine in its leaves. Historians believe that the use of this stimulant assisted this small‚ contained community to want to branch out and spread across the contenent. The cocaine provided the South AMericans with the energy and motivation to strive to make architectual and social advancements. This era of cocaine use was by far

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