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Why do I deserve this Scholarship

the rest for me. As the saying goes, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. And definitely, I was never a dull boy. I had involved myself in many activities of different societies and clubs. I managed to organize activities of the Chinese Chess Club in my school where I held the position of president in the club. Besides that, I got the opportunity to organize activities of St. John Ambulance in my school where I held the post of president. I also functioned as the Treasurer of the Chinese...

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More than two thousand years ago, people in India played a board game called chaturanga. This board game is said to be the beginning of chess. Chaturanga means ‘four limbs`. It stood for the four parts of the army-the warriors who fought on horses, the charioteers an the infantry. Since the game was about the army and war plans, it was very popular with kings warriors and scholars. Chaturanga was played by four people. Players sitting opposite each other were parters. Each player had four...

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Mac Beth Essay

believing they would be left out of harm ways. MacDuff gave Macbeth too much credit as to being a decent human because Macbeth murders all of MacDuff’s family. Macbeth sees MacDuff’s family as another pawn he has to get rid off in his ludicrous game of chess. Not only does Macbeth realize what he is doing is wrong, he repeatedly goes about killing all opposing threats. Macbeth was the one who chose to continue committing his acts of violence and indecency. Macbeth was willing to sacrifice everything to...

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Analysis of Endgame: The Gospel According to Sad Sam Beckett

message. I find this play a very trying work to read and interpret. There are so many interpretations out there, which can all be supported in some way or another. However, I find the most support in the relations to Noah and Ham, and to the game of chess. Other interpretations may not wrong, but they may also be humanity's way to avoid the true intended message, but only Beckett can say what he truly meant....

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games provide a healthy way to spend leisure time together, and the popularity of these games has not diminished over the years. Board games have also been very popular with the typical Canadian family. Monopoly, Clue, Chinese checkers, checkers, chess, and newer games like Trivial Pursuit are but a few of the board games currently on the market. Clue has been so successful as a board game that it has been made into a video game. Then there is the Monopoly which is the true Canadian standard board...

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Existentialism as Exemplified in ‘the Seventh Seal’

Existentialism as Exemplified in ‘The Seventh Seal’ The Seventh Seal is a 1957 Swedish film written and directed by Ingmar Bergman. The film offers interwoven storyline. It starts with a game of chess between a medieval knight, Antonius Block, and Death – in which if Block won, Death will prolong the knight’s life. This game goes on in intermittent times. The knight is accompanied by his squire, Jöns, as they go back to the knight’s castle to be reunited with his wife. Throughout their journey...

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A Game of Chess.

A Game of Chess | Artist: Marcel Duchamp Written By: Chad Jordan | A simple yet complex description from the eyes of a college student newly educated on the arts. | | Marcel Duchamp is most renown for his work, Fountain (1917) was displayed and photographed at Alfred Stieglitz’s studio and Nude Descending a Staircase (1912) In the Duchamp’s painting A Game of Chess (1910), he uses a variety of colors. He uses shades and tints of those colors vividly and with balance of the brightness and...

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Zero-defect Service? Case of a Chinese Hot Pot Chain

offers a snack buffet of green peas, fruit, candies, crackers and drink for customers to enjoy if they feel hungry while waiting for their tables. Strategy 4 – Game corner There are games provided in the waiting area, including various types of chess games, pokers and other types of card games so that customers can easily spend hours there without noticing the time. Strategy 5 – Handwork for Cash The restaurant understands that “time is money”. Therefore to compensate for the time loss of...

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The Monkey's Paw Literary Analysis

from someone other than his living corpse. Another symbol is chess because it symbolizes life in “The Monkey’s Paw.” Those who play a risky game of chess, for example, will lose, just as those who take unnecessary risks in life will die. When the story opens, Mr. White and Herbert play chess by the fire, and the game’s outcome mirrors the story’s outcome. Mr. White, the narrator explains, has a theory of “radical changes” concerning chess. He takes terrible, unnecessary risks with his king, risks that...

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Cinematography and Lighting in the Shawshank Redemption

because when Andy escapes, he takes the Warden's shiny shoes with him. Another symbolic motif in the film is the use of chess as a metaphor. Andy requests his rock hammer to make chess pieces of alabaster and onyx. In most of the prison yard shots, Andy is framed by grey stone in the background and Red is framed by red stone. This makes them both players on an invisible chess board. But it is interesting to note that in the third act of the film, when Andy gains the upper hand and the internal states...

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