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202 Checkmates Essay

Life is like the game of chess. It does not guarantee anyone to always win or lose and It has rules to live by just like the game of chess. The author of the story of “202 Checkmates” written by Rion Amilcar Scott, talks about a father who teaches his daughter life lessons by explaining to her the rules of the chess game. Robert is a father who is unsure of his role in the society and family. He also forgets his responsibilities by making the chase game his priority. Robert does not take time to...

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Shakespeare Movie vs Play

aiding the viewers imagination and also filling in blanks that the play could not. Some of the best visuals in Parker's movie adaptation of Othello were not in the script, the black and white chess pieces, water, wedding, sea burial, the dagger, and the glimpses of Cassio and Desdemona together. The chess pieces seem to symbolise Iago's plan to destroy Othello and Desdemona and also the sea burial later in the movie. Oliver used a lot of fire and water images throughout the movie, water seemed...

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How Are the Themes Coming of Age and Immigrant Experience Presented in “Fiesta, 1980” and “Rules of the Game”?

brother did. In "Rules of the Game" by Amy Tan, when Waverly is a little kid her mother cultivates her with the Chinese philosophy, “the art of invisible strength.” Waverly wins many national chess championship tournaments in America. While she has experienced great success in the chess games, she has also excelled in American culture. Later on, Waverly experiences shame and humiliation in family situations when her mother publicly embarrasses her for her own boastful...

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What Great Managers Do

and management stated he surveyed over 80,000 managers through the Gallup Organization and examined several different managers’ methods, failures and successes of leading others during his research of this topic. (Buckingham 2005) SUMMARY Chess In Marcus Buckingham’s Harvard Business Review article titled “What Great Managers Do” he discusses what a manager’s role is and what they can do to draw the most out of their employees in order to maximize results. According to the author, a great...

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A GO Approach to Mastering China's Strategic Concept, Shi

game for the upper class while Chess would be for the lower class citizens. This game is for strategic thinkers who have to employ stratagems and tactical interactions. “This game bears striking resemblance to the Chinese way of war and diplomacy” (Lai, 2) the author relates. The author ties in how the Chinese think and act by connecting the four key aspects of Shi to the principles of the game Go. Dr. Lai describes the American way of war, to the games of chess, poker, boxing and American football...

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I Am Who I Meant to Be

well-rounded citizens that used to control their self aspects of life.I am currently studying at R.Avancena H.S. which I like most.I am a believer and flexible in all aspects of life,I always use my mind in educational and important thigs.I like playing chess with my siblings,that is my hobby that makes me feel happy.I am not so disciplined but works out most of the time.I like to discover new inventions and advance ideas to the next generation.I am highschool now and I always study my lessons to finish...

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Waverly Jong - Joy Luck Club Character Analysis

corresponds with this sign in many ways. She has a great memory, is very efficient in her chess playing and often escapes reality to deal with problems in her personal life. When Waverly was 9 years old, she left the house devoid of her chess playing brothers. She arrived at the park with her chess board ready to play. Upon arriving she met Lau Po, an older man who had helped mold her into the great chess player she would become. He taught her many tricks such as The Double Attack from the East...

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Film Analysis: Greater The Technology, Dumber The People

You Think: How Technology Is Changing Our Minds for the Better" by Clive Thompson.In his book he asks the reader, who is better at chess people or computer? Then he goes in to talk about a chess match between Napoleon Bonaparte and a machine. But in all reality that machine was not a machine but just a cunning chess savant in a wooded box. In 1997, a world champion chess player Garry Kasparov lost to a IBM Deep Blue supercomputer. It was a devastating blow for the champion knowing that he lost to the...

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Narrative Report

Holy Infant Academy Narrative Report Chess Club SY: 2012-2013 I. Description The chess club is a part of the many sports club of Holy Infant Academy. It is concerned with the promotion of chess as a sport that includes skill with tactics to play it. Aside from that, we also deal with personal development of our members through a series of tournaments and games held at a convenient time. The chess club holds it meetings twice a month during the first and third Wednesday of a particular month...

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Chuck Berry

Chicago fifteen years before Chuck arrived there giving him the time to make a connection with Chess Records that would soon help Chuck’s career skyrocket. Chess Records was a record label based in Chicago focused primarily on Blues, Jazz, R&B, and early rock and roll. It was run by two brothers, Leonard and Phil Chess. Originally the label was known as Aristocrat records, but officially became Chess Records in 1950. The two brothers first primarily focused on Jazz early in the label’s start because...

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