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Investigatory Project

an environment friendly substance. Since our environment is at stake because of pollutions. One of these pollutions is on air. If you haven’t noticed our planet is deteriorating because of this. And one of the causes of air pollutions is the insecticides and pesticides which have chemicals that can affect the air. Serves as an eye opener for people to use natural insecticides that can help our environment and cost cheaper rather that using insect sprayer full of chemicals that can harm our environment...

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Meatpacking Industry

will have a new commercial application: cleaning the wastewater created by the drilling process called hydraulic fracturing. In fracking, a mix of water, sand and chemical additives is injected into a drilling well under heavy pressure to release natural gas from shale deposits. At the end of the process, some of the chemical-laden water returns to the surface along with salts, radioactive elements and other contaminants absorbed from the shale. Safely disposing of the waste from fracking without...

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Safety in the Workplace

an employer must address. These include: Chemical Hazards, Physical Hazards, Biological Hazards, Substance Abuse, and Work-related Stress (Bogardus, pp. 109-113, 2004). Organizations can protect employees most efficiently by addressing them with all five of the primary workplace management functions: plan and align the workforce, hire workers, deploy the workforce, reinforce performance, and develop the workforce (State of Washington, 2006). Chemical hazards are the most likely to require an...

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Purity and Purification of Solids--Melting Points

mixtures were collected and tested by different individuals in the lab in order to find the eutectic point of biphenyl. Unknown substances were then tested using the mixture melting point method in order to determine their identities. INTRODUCTION The melting point of a solid is the temperature where the substance changes from a solid to a liquid state. Using known substances and determining their melting points is a way to establish the purity of and to identify a sample. This lab demonstrates the...

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Chemistry Study Guide

Chapter 1 * What is Chemistry? -it is the study of the composition of substances and the changes they undergo. * What are the 5 branches of chemistry? * Organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, biochemistry. * What is the difference between a theory and law? -a theory is a thoroughly tested explanation of why experiments give certain results. A scientific law is a concise statement that summarized the results of a broad spectrum of observations...

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Seperation of a Mixture Lab Report

behind the sand. More water may need to be added depending on if the salt particles are fully desolved or not. 11. The sand has been recovered. Take the filter paper, unfold it, weigh its mass, and place it in the chemical oven to dry before measuring. 12. While the sand is in the chemical oven, take a hot plate, and place the beaker with the filtered salt water on the hot plate. The water will begin to boil, and eventually, the salt will be clearly visible and separated. 13. Once the salt is fully...

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lab and ph

Biology Mr. Langley 2C 10/7/13 Introduction In this lab, of pH and Chromatography, in the pH aspect of the lab we are trying to figure out the pH level of certain chemicals by writing down of known solutions to find the type of unkown solution using pH standards. In the Chromatography, we are trying to separate the chemicals using water and a piece of paper. Methodology Materials: Safety Goggles pH indicator & pH indicator key Known solutions of HCl, CH3COOH, NH3, NaOH, and H2O Numbered...

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Separation of the Components of a Mixture

To become familiar with the methods of separating substances from one another using decantation, extraction, and sublimation techniques. Apparatis and Chemicals: balance, Bunsen burner, rubber hose, tongs, 2 evaporating dishes, 2 watch glasses, 100-mL graduated cylinder, clay triangles, 2 ring stands, 2 iron rings, 2 glass stirring rods, unknown mixture of NaCl, NH4Cl, SiO2. Discussion: Mixtures are composed of two or more substances mixed together. Mixtures can be homogeneous, or uniformly...

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considered chemicals and when ingested into the body an affect from the drug takes place. According to Doweiko (1999), “A drug is essentially a foreign chemical that is introduced into the individual’s body to bring about a specific desired response. There are many forms of drugs and how these drugs are administered in the body determines the kind of result that will take place. The Central Nervous System, (CNS) plays a major role in how these drugs will affect the body because the chemicals carry out...

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became rich enough to build a large and well-equipped laboratory. He then proceeded to study combustion. During the 18th century combustible matter was thought to contain a substance called phlogiston, which was released when combustion took place. This theory, which was developed by George Stahl, had one obvious flaw; substances frequently increase in weight as a result of combustion. Lavoisier performed a number of experiments in which he burned phosphorous, lead, and other elements; he noted that...

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