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Polymers: Polyvinyl Acetate and Polymer Ball

millions of atoms. Human DNA is a polymer consisting of over 20 billion component atoms, and they are regarded as the largest and most diverse category of known molecules. The objective was to ultimately understand how different kinds of polymer substances interact with each other, and the specific amounts needed to produce a bouncing ball. Although bouncing balls are made of all types of polymers, we wanted to test to see if it could be made out of these specific solutions. We mixed and omitted combinations...

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Melting Point

Abstract Finding the melting point of an organic substance is a practical and efficient way for scientists to identify an unknown substance or determine a known substance's level of purity. When organic substances are mixed together in varying degrees they take on a melting characteristic that is lower and broader than in its pure form. This property was manipulated in the lab to observe the various melting points of Naphthalene and Biphenyl when the percentage of composition was altered. A...

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Anti-Plastics and Anti-Styrofoam

to notice that no matter how I properly use or dispose my trash, it will still protrude harmful effects on the environment, the community I live in, and to me. I knew that such materials are harmful to my health because of the chemical substances they contain. The substances may leak if plastics were used as food storage and they might be toxic or poisonous if eaten. The horror the plastic materials present blew my mind. The symposium served as a good application of the lessons in Values Formation...

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Collect and Preservation of Evidence

and preserved by them as well. A few of the physical evidence that will be reviewed are; trace evidence, fingerprints, and footwear impression and tool marks. The physical evidence known as trace evidence can be gunshot residue, paint residue, chemicals glass, and illicit drugs. When an investigator is gathering this evidence they may use tweezers, plastic containers that have lids, a knife, and a filtered vacuum device. With certain physical evidence they will need to use a biohazard kit. This...

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Four Hazards

Physical and Chemical An altogether diverse viewpoint is carried into center as we think as of a portion of the natural perils that go hand in hand with streamlined development and concentrated farming. A portion of the most hazardous dangers in this planet are the conclusion of perfectly voluntary conduct---specifically, smoking tobacco and taking part in unsafe sexual movement. We will take a gander at four classes of natural risks: Cultural, Biological, Physical and Chemical. Social Hazards...

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Marijuana VS JWH-018

abused in the development of this drug. Which raises the question of the legality of this drug? Reports and studies have shown that this synthetic cannabinoid has extreme side effects with a possibility of life altering long term effects. Since the chemical compound is so new the possible long term effects can not be announced. People are starting to use JWH-018, which is also referred to as Spice, K2, or incense. I’m sure that there are many reasons as to why people are choosing this new drug....

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Site Visit Bshs/312

known as ARC) is a facility that helps individuals that are suffering from any type of chemical addiction and helps with temporary housing for those who are going through the program. The Salvation Army offers a variety of programs that do not single out one type of population, but they help and support a variety of populations. Their main target to focus on are those who suffer from substance abuse or chemical dependency. This program is not just a 12 step program that pushes people through. They...

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Chem Lab Mixtures

INTRODUCTION: This lab was based on the separation of the components of a mixture. A mixture can be defined as a physical combination of two or more pure substances. Separation techniques are used to separate components that are not chemically combined. All of these techniques involve changes in the physical state of a chemical compound rather than chemical changes. The three objectives in this lab were 1. Learn the different separation techniques which include; sublimation, extraction, decantation...

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Homemade Air Freshener

alcohol and 75% chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) propellant. This compound chemicals capable of reducing a variety of unpleasant odors, and deliver fragrance is the product of AIR FRESHENER Air Freshener reduces/removes several of unpleasant odors such as cigarette smoke, urine and fecal odors, cooking smells and odors typically associated w/ fish. In the early 1950’s many companies began to add odor-counter-octant chemicals to their formulas giving way for this air freshener to be known in the...

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CHEM 2204 Chromatography Lab

For the TLC plate in hexane, the fluorene moved up while the fluorenone stayed on the line, which was expected. The Rf values were 0.82 for fluorene and 0 for fluorenone. Overall the purpose was fulfilled as the TLC plates indicate that the two substances were separated well and also the IR spectra indicate that the experimental IR is very similar to the literature value. An IR spectra was obtained for fluorene. Unfortunately, the experimental IR spectra did not even remotely match the IR spectra...

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