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Chateau Margaux Extend Product Line

Château Margaux Case 1- Château Margaux’s distribution system Château Margaux is one of the well-known wines from the Bordeaux region in France. It is famous by the fact that this wine has got a luxury and high quality notoriety, and also stand out from the competitors thanks to the quality of is first growth produce with carefully selected grapes. With only two mains wines (first wine: Chateau Margaux; Second wine: Pavillon Rouge; See in Exhibit 2) Chateau Margaux is a famous wine all over...

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Chateau Margaux

Advanced business cases in strategic management – Group 10 - Chateau Margaux : Launching the Third Wine 1. Identification of the problem How should Chateau Margaux best market and launch their new offering – their third wine? Previously considered a left-over, the quality of the third wine in 2009 was so good and unexpected that the management team of the vineyard decided to sell as a Chateau Margaux wine. This raises the following subquestions: a. To which target consumer and market should...

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Chateau Margaux Swot

Name of Product: Chateau Margaux Type of Market/Industry: Wine producer Market Definition: The market for Chateau Margaux is the people who enjoy high quality wines and luxury buyers Key Trends: Decreasing UK markets (connoisseur) who are loyal, increasing luxury buyers from Japan, China and Russia. Moreover, some critics preferred heavier and darker wines which influence consumer’s change in preferences. Core Problem: Should Chateau Margaux take control over the distribution and marketing...

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Chateau Margaux

of wine value? Due to the nature of wine products, the influence of origin is more important here than in most other product categories According to the text, Bordeaux was the largest winemaking region in France with centuries of traditions, which is key to its reputation. Price can be seen as a product cue to purchasers of wine. Indeed, it can be used by consumers as an indicator for quality and therefore brand. The scarcity of top Bordeaux château on the market keeps the demand and prices high...

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Chateau Margaux - Swot Analysis

and legal barrier for new actors.  Substitut low quality  History of product.  Fame product.  Château Margaux premiers crus.  Unique know-how.  New clients growth of price  Precise target  rich people.  Special distribution.  Need to know Château Margaux for appreciate wine.  New actors USA, Australia…  Price very high. Opportunities Threats  Consumer prefers French wine.  Château Margaux 15,5% of market share.  Reglementationdistribution and commercialization...

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Walt Disney Product Line

Disney Product Lines | | Marketing MKT230 A02 | | Walt Disney Product Lines | | Marketing MKT230 A02 | wALT DISNEY CORPORATION June 5, 2012 Authored by: STACEY LITSEY wALT DISNEY CORPORATION June 5, 2012 Authored by: STACEY LITSEY Abstract This paper will take a look at the product lines that the Walt Disney Corporation has to offer both on a national and world wide market. I will give a brief history of the company and explain the different product lines that...

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Cha teau Margaux Launching the Third Wine

A01169400 Rafael Mondragón A01169815 Château Margaux: Launching the Third Wine Professor Giovanni Baldini Team #2 August 17th, 2015. Table of Contents: Business Strategy 1 Marketing 1 Target Market 2 Product 2 Place 2 Promotion 3 Price 3 Value Chain 3 Wine production 3 Packaging 4 Distribution 4 Going Global 5 Finance 5 Exhibits: 7 Exhibit 1: 7 Exhibit 2: 7 Exhibit 3: 8 Exhibit 4: 8 Exhibit 5: 9 Sources 9 Le Troisième du Château Margaux Business Strategy The exclusivity and...

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L'Oreal Product Line Decline

I am the CEO of L'oreal, a global personal care products company. We provide our customers with cosmetics, beauty and perfumes. Although we are in the cosmetics business now for 97 years, we are having difficulties with our shampoo line, which represents one-half of our annual sales in a normal year. But in 2005 it proofed to become our only product that didn't work out the way we planned. Our shampoos are now in a declining phase and this affects our sales intensively. This is why we were...

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Case Analysis Preserve the Luxury of Extend the Brand Write Up

evaluation (e.g., Stakeholder, VRINE, SWOT, PESTLE, and other analyses). 3. Actionable Recommendations: Build a set of actionable strategies, which must be well reasoned, argued and supported with significant evidence. The Company Background: Château de Margaux, located in the Bordeaux region of France, has been profitable since the 1980’s.  Their brands, current price point for a bottle of Premier Grand Vin is $999 US, and averaging 150,000 bottles sold each year.  The remaining grapes are used to...

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Fisherman's Friend Product Line Strategy

Assignment 2 Product-Line Strategies 1: The chewing gum increases the brand awareness of the parent brand. This leads to an increase in demand for both the chewing gum and the lozenge. This could mainly happen in two ways: Firstly, the release of a new product can remind customers about the brand and thereby lead to an increase in demand. Secondly, the customers that buy the chewing gum might be tempted to try the brand’s lozenges as well. 2: Before the release of the chewing gum, the...

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