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  • Importance of balance of trade

    Importance of balance of trade Balance of trade data is a very important piece of understanding the global puzzle of international trade‚ and thus‚ forex.  Much like an income statement‚ balance of trade data clearly defines whether a trade deficit or trade surplus is in play.   Why Balance of Trade Matters Balance of trade data shows the imports and exports of goods and how a country competes in a global marketplace.  Balance of trade numbers can run a trade deficit‚ showing that a country

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    Philippines recorded a trade deficit of 649074 USD Thousand in July of 2013. Balance of Trade in Philippines is reported by the National Statistics Office of Philippines. Philippines Balance of Trade averaged -236237 USD Thousand from 1957 until 2013‚ reaching an all time high of 1144700 USD Thousand in September of 1999 and a record low of -1658000 USD Thousand in November of 2011. Philippines posts regular trade deficits due to high imports of raw materials and intermediate goods. Main imports

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  • Debate - Balance of Trade

    evidenced by a $700 billion annual trade deficit in 2008 that has nearly doubled since 2000. At these kinds of deficit levels‚ will the U.S. continue to be the economic engine on which the world runs? Will the world eventually lose confidence in the value and longevity of the U.S. dollar‚ creating a problem for the world economy and stifling international trade for the U.S.? We addressed these questions by focusing on three related‚ but distinct issues:   1. The Trade Deficit for the U.S. is Not

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  • Exchange Rate and Trade Balance

    on Trade Balance in Selected Asian Economies Alemu‚ Aye Mengistu Assistant Professor‚ SolBridge International School of Business‚ Daejeon‚ South Korea. ayem2011@solbridge.ac.kr Jin-sang‚ Lee Specialist Professor‚ Duksung Women’s University‚ Seoul‚ South Korea. jinslee0209@duksung.ac.kr Abstract The aim of this study is to investigate how depreciation could affect the export sector in selected Asian countries. Theoretically‚ depreciation will bring positive impact on trade balance. However

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  • US trade balance data

    States‚ the merchandise (goods) trade balance is the most widely known indicator of U.S international economic activity. In 2011‚ total merchandise trade has reached $3‚688 billion. A 16% increase over the 2010 value‚ a 22% increase in 2010 which is up to $3‚191 billion and a 23% decrease in 2009 which up to $2‚616 billion. From the data obtained above‚ merchandise exports in 2011 total is $1‚480 billion‚ while imports had reached $2‚208 billion. The U.S merchandise trade deficit fell massively from

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  • Differentiate Among the Current Account, Balance of Trade and Balance of Payments.

    Differentiate among the current account‚ balance of trade and balance of payments. Current account is the net profits that a country gain from its export and imports of goods and services‚ earning from foreign investment also the included the profits from transfer of payments. Current account is important because it includes all international merchandise trade and service accounts‚ that is‚ accounts for the value of all merchandise and services imported and exported and all receipts and payments

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  • The Effect of Trade Balance on National Income Growth

    INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The attainment of balance of trade is always a critical factor in the economic development of many nations. This simply means that continuous trade deficits and surpluses are undesirable. The world has become a global village in which different countries interact with themselves and get involved in business transactions and trade. This kind of trade between countries is known as international trade which involves the exchange of goods and services between nations

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  • Balance of Payment

    Balance of payment Most of exports and imports involve finance i.e. receipts and payments in money. An account of all receipts and payments is termed as Balance of Payments (BOP). According to Kindle berger‚ "The balance of payments of a country is a systematic record of all economic transactions between the residents of the reporting country and residents of foreign countries during a given yeriod of time". The balance of payment record is maintained in a standard double-entry book-keeping

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  • Balance Of Payment

    Balance of Payment Balance of Payment is the recording system of economic and financial flows that take place over a specified time period between residents and non-residents of a given country. The residents of a country compromise of the general government‚ individual‚ private and non- profitable bodies serving individuals and enterprises. The Balance of Payment will consist mainly with three sections. 1. Current Account- This shows all the inflows and outflows of a country. 2. Capital Account-

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  • balance of payment

    7 (a) Explain the current and financial accounts in the balance of payments. Balance of Payment or also called as BOP is a statistical statement that systematically records of all economic transactions between one country and the rest of the world during a given period of time. For example‚ BOP shows the details of the total payments made by a country and also the total receipts by it. There are three major components that are summarized in the BOP which are Current account‚ Capital account and

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