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At Hiruharama

PEE- HOW ARE PEOPLE PRESENTED IN THE 'AT HIRUHARAMA'? In the Prose 'At Hiruharama' women are presented in a very positive light. 'Why, yes it must be six months since he came, ' said kitty, as though she was making a conversation'. Even though kitty in labor she is making a conversation that shows how relaxed she is, the author may want to portray the calm nature of the females. The word ' as though' stands out because Kitty is not capable of doing so however she is trying, this may make readers...

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At Hiruharama by Penelope Fitzgerald Q.1. Discuss the effects of the hardships Mr. Tanner and his family face. Ans. The story is of immigrants – settled in New Zealand. It is a picture of rural life in here the simplest of things – things we take for granted become a dilemma. The confession of Mr. Tanner who came here, as an apprentice is the kind of statement immigrants make after a while “she probably reckons I’m made” – where raw hands move to other countries and people back home assume...

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Short Story and Thomas Hardy

examination in years 2007- 2009 and 2010-2012.] CONTENTS Introduction: how to use these Notes The stories: The Son’s Veto Her First Ball The Fly in the Ointment The Destructors A Horse and Two Goats The Rain Horse My Greatest Ambition Sandpiper At Hiruharama Thomas Hardy Katherine Mansfield V.S. Pritchett Graham Greene R.K. Narayan Ted Hughes Morris Lurie Ahdaf Soueif Penelope Fitzgerald 1 Introduction These notes are intended to give some background information on each author and/or story as...

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Term Paper

Support your views with details from the text. 9. You are Silas Marner. You see Sally Oates suffering from the terrible symptoms of heart-disease and dropsy. Write your thoughts. Stories of Ourselves 10. Read the following extract from At Hiruharama (by Penelope Fitzgerald), and then answer the question that follows it: 5 10 They had to start in a remote country place. The land round Auckland at that time was ten shillings an acre, a third of the price going to build the new churches and...

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