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  • Sultan Mohamed Shah Aga Khan Iii

    Sultan Mohamed Shah‚ the only son of Aga Ali Shah became the 48th imam of the Shia Ismaili Muslims at the young age of 7. He was known as the Aga Khan‚ a title he inherited from his father. He grew up under the care of his mother who took a great interest in his education. Until the age of 18 years‚ Aga Khan III received education in Bombay and Poona. He was later given the title “His Highness” by the British Government. The Aga Khan believed that the poor status of Muslims in India was illiteracy

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  • The School Improvement Project of the Aga Khan Education Services in Mombasa

    Project of the Aga Khan Education Services‚ Kenya at Mombasa Submitted by: Ashraful Huda Mombasa School Improvement Project (MSIP) is a set example of how a systematic approach can lead to development in a sustainable and continuous manner through honest partnership between different stakeholders. In this text‚ I have summarized and analyzed the findings from the evaluation report prepared for the Aga Khan Foundation on MSIP. The project was a cumulative effort of Aga Khan Foundation

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  • 11 Richest Men in Kenya

    if not more endowed‚ than the 11‚ but whose wealth is largely unknown to the public as their companies or businesses are not listed at the NSE. Top in the rich list of those whose wealth is measurable‚ at least through the NSE‚ is his Highness The Aga Khan who alone scooped Sh17 billion of the Sh27 billion. Next is the family of the late Philip Ndegwa‚ at Sh3 billion‚ a former entrepreneur per excellence whose estate stands solid in real estate‚ banking and other investment. Then follows Dr James

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    Children’s home‚ Psychological problems‚ Built environment‚ design interventions LIST OF FIGURES Figure 1 SOS children’s village Jordan - PLAN (*Source – Aga Khan award for Architecture 9 Figure 2 SOS children’s village Jordan- View (*Source – Aga Khan award for Architecture 10 Figure 3 SOS children’s village Jordan- Views (*Source – Aga Khan award for Architecture) 10 Figure 4 Orthogonal grid with diagonal pathways creating equal spaces (Archdaily) 11 Figure 5 Threshold of spaces (Archdaily) 12

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  • The Aga Khan University Hospital

    The Aga Khan University Hospital‚ Karachi Organization Accredited by Joint Commission International Fact Sheet Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) is the principal teaching site of Aga Khan University (AKU) in Karachi‚ the first private international university in Pakistan. The University is an academic centre of Aga Khan Development Network‚ a group of development agencies‚ institutions and programmes that work primarily in developing countries of Asia and Africa. AKUH started operations in

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  • Written statement- Moot Court

    IN THE COURT OF 1st CLASS CIVIL JUDGE‚ LAHORE The Aga Khan Hospital and Medical College Foundation VERSUS Mr. Bashir Ahmad WRITTEN STATEMENT ON BEHALF OF THE DEFENDANT Respectfully Sheweth: Preliminary Objections 1. That the Plaintiff has not properly authorized Mr. Sherali Razwani S/O Ferozeali Razwani and Mrs. Shagufta Shamsuddin Hassan W/O Shamsuddin Sadruddin Hassan to file this suit. Hence‚ the Plaint is liable to be dismissed. 2. That the plaint is defective on the grounds

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  • Similarities Between Ngos And Ngos

    humanitarian assistance. 3- AKDN has more funding than SPARC as around 40 countries provide funding to AKDN while SPARC also get foreign funding but it is much less than AKDN funding. 4- SPARC is mostly smaller than AKDN as AKDN has many departments such as Aga Khan Foundation‚ University of Central Asia and many other departments while SPARC has few departments than AKDN. Links to online sources of both organizations: - 1- http://www.sparcpk.org 2- http://www.akdn.org Made by: - Ammaar Sachwani IB DP

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  • Belief on Pregnancy

    potentially cause food choices with detrimental health effects. Womens’ beliefs and practices regarding food restrictions during pregnancy and lactation: a hospital based study. Ali NS‚ Azam SI‚ Noor R. Source Department of Family Medicine‚ Aga Khan University‚ Karachi‚ Pakistan. niloufer.ali@aku.edu Abstract BACKGROUND: Maternal diet is an important determinant of outcomes of pregnancy.

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  • Ewerw

    gave us an opportunity to dedicate ourselves to doing something good to the society. In the end‚ I fulfilled my duty with my heart and soul with a terrific take-away lesson for team work. World Partnership Golf (WPG) is a tournament set up by Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC) for “Canadians to raise funds and awareness for projects that assist the poor and disadvantaged in Asia and Africa”.(WPG Official website‚ 2012) The reason why we chose this event is the significant meaning of this tournament——Take

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  • Sustainable Development

    and supervisor Anders Avdic for his kind guidance and continues support for carrying out this study and helping me throughout. My thanks go to SPIDER Sweden for granting me travel expenses for my field visit to Pakistan and I would like to thank Aga khan Rural Support Program (AKRSP) Pakistan for helping me to conduct Interview sessions during my field visit in Pakistan. Last but not least‚ I would like to thank and express my appreciation for my kind‚ devoted sister Nabat Ali for her encouragement

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