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3 Stanza Poem About Nature

He Had Such Quiet Eyes By: Bibsy Soenharjo 3.1 SYNOPSIS OF THE POEM The poem is about a woman who has been deceived to think that she was loved by a man with ‘quiet eyes’. She suffers for this and only learns on hindsight not to trust or give in to men who seek women only for pleasure. The poet gives an advice on being able to recognise what is true and what is not, when a person is truly friendly and when he is not. You may lose in the game of love and give your heart away, but knowing the truth...

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About a Poem

It’s A Woman’s World “It’s A Woman’s World” written by Eavan Boland is a poem about how woman should embrace their strengths. It’s a Woman’s World” focuses on issues of female identity and how the contributions of women have been overlooked. The speaker of Eavan Boland’s poem, seems to intend irony with the title of this poem, she is not saying this is a woman’s world, but rather speaks of the world from the woman’s point of view. Boland shows her views that women, who are placed in less harsh...

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Portrayal of nature and natural world in Plath's poem 'Tulips'

Plath presents nature and the natural world in her poem ‘Tulips’ ‘Tulips’ is a poem that was written by Sylvia Plath in 1961 and was published after her death in 1965. Plath wrote this poem while recovering in hospital after recently having a miscarriage and having an appendectomy. This poem, set in the hospital, expresses Plath’s feelings and emotions at this time in her life. Nature and the natural world are themes, which are portrayed, in a negative light in many of Plath’s poems, ‘Tulips’ included...

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Mary Oliver Nature Poems

1. Discuss the way Oliver's nature poems can be read as political- questioning the hierarchies and dualisms underpinning Western cultures. Mary Oliver's poems that explore nature can also be read as political as they question the dualisms and hierarchies that form strong foundations in Western cultures. Through the emergence of the patriarchy (a Western ideology) over 5000 years ago, traditional epistemological paradigms of Western society have been based on dualisms. Through patriarchal ideology...

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Poem Comparing

and fellow classmates, I have researched about 2 poems and made a comparison between the two. I’m here today to talk to you about them and see what you think at the end of the speech. The two poems I researched were (on the sea, author John Keats) and (sea fever, author John Masefield). as you can see from the title of the poems that they are bot about the sea but don’t be confused, they’re both completely different stories. Both of these poems talk about the sea, they are both referring to the...

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Meaning of Life and Poem

carpets soiled. The papers always are mislaid, Who had them last but he? There's no one tosses them about But Mr. Nobody. The finger marked upon the door By none of us are made; We never leave the blind unclosed, To let the curtains fade. The ink we never spill; the boots That lying round you. See Are not our boots they all belong To Mr. Nobody. SYNOPSIS:  The poem is about a person,Mr. Nobody, who does notexist, but who is created bythe persona to take theblame for all kinds...

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Stylistic Analysis of the Lost Baby Poem

Student number: 12056010 A Stylistic Analysis of « the lost baby poem » by Lucille Clifton In this stylistic analysis of the lost baby poem written by Lucille Clifton I will deal mainly with two aspects of stylistic: derivation and parallelism features present in the poem. However I will first give a general interpretation of the poem to link more easily the stylistic features with the meaning of the poem itself. In this poem Lucille Clifton is telling the experience she had when she had an...

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Questions on Poems

describe the setting of the poem? (the weather, atmosphere) 2. What effect does Porphyria have on the atmosphere in the cottage? 3. Why can’t Porphyria give herself to the narrator completely? 4. What does the narrator realise and how does this make him feel? 5. What does the narrator do and why? 6. What happens at the end of the poem? (Think about the lover’s frame of mind?) An Investigation into Porphyria's Murder Remember: • This poem is a dramatic monologue. •...

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The Daffodils and Composed Upon Westminster Bridge: Depiction of Nature

between two poems by Wordsworth Q. Compare and contrast how Wordsworth depicts nature in ‘The Daffodils’ and ‘Sonnet : Composed Upon Westminster Bridge’. (2-3 pages) The question asks you to compare how Wordsworth illuminates and expresses nature in the two poems written by him, ‘The Daffodils’ and ‘Sonnet: Composed Upon Westminster Bridge’. There are some similarities and differences in the two poems, and these create different atmosphere even though both poems are about nature. For example...

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How does Clive James write about the subject of death in Japanese Maple?

emotional poem written by Clive James as he contemplates his own death. He has been diagnosed with a terminal cancer - leukemia - and also suffers from emphysema. The Japanese Maple tree that this poem is based on was a gift from his daughter, and he talks about it in most of the stanzas of the poem. Although he is explicit about his death further in the poem, he isn’t very explicit about how he feels about dying. Clive James uses an English quintain rhyming scheme in his poem of five stanzas. The...

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