Julius Caesar


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1. Why does Caesar ask Antony to touch Calpurnia during the race?

a. to ensure that she will become queen

b. to increase her fertility

c. to determine whether she had been unfaithful

2. What common fear do Cassius and Brutus share?

a. that Caesar will have himself crowned king

b. that Caesar is planning to have them assassinated

c. that they will be sent off to war

3. Who offers Caesar the crown three times in the marketplace?

a. Casca

b. Antony

c. the Roman citizens

4. What is the political structure of Rome at the opening of the play?

a. a monarchy, ruled by a king

b. an oligarchy, ruled by the church

c. a republic, with senators who represent the interests of the citizens

5. What reason does Caesar give Antony for his mistrust of Cassius?

a. Cassius thinks and sees too much

b. Cassius is loud and talks too much

c. Cassius drinks too much

6. Which strange sight does Casca not claim to have seen on the night of the storm?

a. an owl hooting in the marketplace at noon

b. a man whose hand was on fire, but was not burned

c. the ghost of Caesar at the Capitol

7. What does Cassius instruct Cinna to deliver to Brutus?

a. news of Caesar’s ambitions to the throne

b. letters which Cassius has forged

c. a dagger with which to stab...

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