Julius Caesar


Cast of Characters

Flavius and Murellus two tribunes, judges in the Roman republic meant to protect the interests of the plebeians (common people). Caesar has them exiled for removing adornments from his statues.

A carpenter and a cobbler two witty plebeians who are reprimanded by Flavius and Murellus for taking time away from their work to watch Caesar’s victory parade.

Julius Caesar a victorious military figure, admired greatly by the Roman people. Caesar’s ambition to be crowned as king threatens the republic, and for this reason he is assassinated by a group of Roman Senators.

Casca member of the conspiracy and the first to stab Caesar. He tells Cassius and Brutus of how Caesar rejected the crown from Marc Antony, but only because he was waiting for the Roman people to cheer him into accepting it.

Calpurnia Caesar’s wife. She begs him to stay at home on the day of his assassination, having had portentous nightmares all evening, but he refuses.

Marc Antony (Marcus Antonius) a military leader and loyal friend to Caesar. He feigns allegiance to Brutus after Caesar’s assassination in order to gain audience with the people. During his famous speech, he persuades the common people of Rome to rise up against Brutus and Cassius. He then aligns with Octavius to defeat Cassius and Brutus in battle. He is one of the triumvirs, the three men who unite to control Rome after Caesar’s death. The other triumvirs are Octavius and Lepidus.

A soothsayer warns Caesar during the Lupercal parade to “beware the ides of March,” but Caesar dismisses him. On the day of Caesar’s assassination, he tries again to warn him.

Marcus Brutus initially a close friend to Caesar, he is won over by Cassius to join the assassination conspiracy. Brutus is a “praetor,” a magistrate of Rome, and is highly regarded by the people as an...

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