The Hobbit


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1. How does Gandalf let the dwarves know which hobbit-hole is Bilbo’s?

a. He gives them all a map

b. He scratches a mark on Bilbo’s front door

c. He sets off fireworks in front of Bilbo’s hobbit-hole

2. Who is the leader of the dwarves?

a. Bombur

b. Dwalin

c. Thorin

3. What kind of animal is Bilbo given to ride for the journey?

a. a mule

b. a pony

c. a horse

4. What kind of mysterious writing does Elrond discover on the dwarves’ map?

a. Moon-letters

b. Shadow-script

c. Dragon-scroll

5. What was the maiden name of Bilbo’s mother?

a. Underhill

b. Sackville

c. Took

6. What does Gollum call his magic ring?

a. Sweetring

b. Precious

c. My Love

7. What magic power does the ring possess?

a. It turns the wearer invisible

b. It allows the wearer to throw fire from his hands

c. It grants the wearer increased strength and intelligence

8. What type of animal is a Warg?

a. a giant cat

b. a bear

c. a wolf

9. Who rescues Bilbo and the dwarves from the Wargs?

a. Elrond and the elves

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