The Hobbit


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Chapter 17 Summary

The next morning, Bard and the Elvenking appear at the gate of the Lonely Mountain, this time bearing the Arkenstone and hoping to negotiate a peaceful exchange with Thorin. Thorin is enraged, and Bilbo comes forward to confess that he is the reason that the men and elves now have possession of the Arkenstone. Thorin turns on Bilbo violently, threatening to kill him. Gandalf suddenly appears, and Thorin rages at him, as well. He grudgingly agrees to trade the Arkenstone for Bilbo’s share of the gold and jewels, but he secretly hopes that Dain will appear and that they will be able to reclaim the stone by force. He casts Bilbo out as a traitor, and Bilbo leaves with Gandalf and the allied men and elves.

The next day, Dain’s army arrives and challenges Bard, who is holding the mountain under siege. A battle seems eminent, but a dark shadow suddenly rolls in. Gandalf intervenes, informing everyone that the goblins and the Wargs are now approaching to kill all in their path and claim the treasure for their own. Thus, men, elves and dwarves are all forced to unite against their common enemies. The Battle of Five Armies ensues. Bilbo slips on his ring and tries to stay out of the way as the battle is waged, but is hit on the head by a falling rock just as the Eagles appear.

Chapter 18 Summary

Bilbo awakens on the field of battle, but sees no enemies living. The side of good has been victorious. A man appears who has been searching for Bilbo upon Thorin’s request. The dwarf king has been mortally injured in the battle and lies dying in the camp down below. The man carries Bilbo to Thorin and Gandalf, who are pleased to see the hobbit. Thorin begs Bilbo’s forgiveness for his angry words and threats the day before. He tells Bilbo that the world would be a much better place if only there were more people like Bilbo in it, and then he dies. Bilbo sits in a corner and weeps for a long time over the death of his friend.

Bilbo is told that the Eagles and Beorn were...

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