Their Eyes Were Watching God


Discussion Questions

  1. What is the difference between the community found in Eatonville and the community found in the muck in the Everglades?
  2. How is Pheoby different from the other porch sitters? What is it that draws her to Janie?
  3. In a way, Janie is partly responsible not only for one death (Tea Cake’s) but also for another (Joe’s). What does this say about her character?
  4. Does the novel comment on the relationship between the will and love? Or does love appear to be more of an emotional ride? In other words, how is love portrayed in connection with the mind, the heart, and the will?
  5. One finds vanity in the gossiping tongues of the porch sitters. But does one also find it in Janie as well?
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Essays About Their Eyes Were Watching God