Their Eyes Were Watching God


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1. The novel begins with Janie returning to:

a) the Everglades

b) the graveyard where Nanny is buried

c) Eatonville

d) Logan Killicks

2. Janie tells her story to:

a) Pheoby Watson

b) Sam Watson

c) Johnny Taylor

d) Logan Killicks

3. Nanny orders Janie to marry:

a) Johnny Taylor

b) Joe Starks

c) Tea Cake

d) Logan Killicks

4. Joe Starks orders Janie to do which of the following?

a) tie her hair up in head rags

b) play checkers with the men

c) gossip with the porch sitters

d) stay at home and let someone else run the store

5. What is the first thing Janie does after Joe dies?

a) calls for help

b) takes off her head rag and lets her hair down

c) cries

d) calls Tea Cake

6) The townspeople in Eatonville like to tease one of the men (Matt Bonner) about what?

a) his wife

b) his mule

c) his dog

d) his hat

7) What does Joe Starks do when the men in town start mule-baiting?

a) he has them arrested

b) he joins in on the fun

c) he buys the mule and makes it the town pet

d) nothing

8) Joe often speaks contemptuously of Janie’s looks. Why does he do this?

a) he thinks it draws attention away from his own deteriorating condition

b) her looks are really that bad

c) he is simply trying to tease her

d) he is drunk

9) The incident that sparks a fight in public between Joe and Janie is:

a) Janie shows up late for work

b) Joe gets drunk

c) Janie short-cuts a plug of tobacco for a customer

d) Janie sets the town mule free

10) The first time Janie realizes she...

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