world hitory exam notes

Topics: Mesopotamia, Neolithic, Ancient Greece Pages: 3 (693 words) Published: April 24, 2014

World History Midterm Exam Review
****You will also be given a series of maps, charts, graphs, etc)

bronze Neolithic Revolution civilization Homo erectusCatal Huyuk cultureNeanderthal cuneiform Ur tradeFertile Crescentpharaoh Polytheism Shang Hammurabi loessIndus Valley dynasty Hieroglyphics pictographsthe Royal RoadHyksosBabylon Legalism Confucianism Great Wall of ChinaKushAssyria MeroePersia Demosthenes Dorians MycenaeansRhodes phalanx Peloponnesian EuclidAlexanderclassical Spartans

-What time in the past does prehistoric refer to?
-What did Mary Leakeys discovery of footprints indicate about hominids? -What were some things in wide use during the Neolithic Age? -What did the discoveries in the Shanidar cave reveal about the Neanderthals? -In what well-defined social classes did the people of Ur live? -Why was the development of government necessary in early cities such as Ur? -What were the functions of the ziggurat?

-How do we know that the people of the Indus Valley traded with the Sumerians? -Why do we know so little about the Indus Valley civilizations? -What did Egyptian and Mesopotamian society have in common? -How did Sargon of Akkad form the first empire?

-Why were Egyptian farmers more fortunate than the farmers of Mesopotamia? -What did the pyramids show about the Old Kingdom dynasties of Egypt? -How did feudalism in China fail in the end to fulfill its original purpose? -What was a major advantage of the Chinese system of writing? -How did the Mandate of Heaven affect government in China?

-The Indo-European peoples that migrated from the steppes were mainly -Buddhism spread across Asia mostly as a result of
-In Buddhism, the release from selfishness and pain that come from complete understanding is known as -The social class system that came to be known as the caste system was established in India by -The most sacred writings of the Jewish religion are...
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