We Must Bring Our Troops Home from Afghanistan. Essay Example

Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: June 29, 2011
Chris Henderson Sr

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We must bring our troops home from Afghanistan.

Despite the request for more troops by General Stanley McChrystal, it is my opion and many other Americans that instead of increasing troop buildup in Afghanistan, we should begin to bring our arm forces home to their families.

My first example of why we should being our arm Military home is, we do not have a strategy. The Bush administration just sent our men and women to Afghanistan to find Osama Bin Laden, and ended up starting a war. President Barack Obama has expressed skepticism about whether sending more troops without a 'strategy' would make a difference in the conflict-torn country, but President Obama has side with big government and decided to send more troops to Afghanistan. This was the first time that I disagree with our current President, and if he doesn’t bring our troop home soon it will not be the last time. The main reason that I agree with so many Americans is, all of the others countries that were at war with Afghanistan never prevailed, and just like the French in Vietnam , we are falling into the same trap as we did in Saigon-Vietnam. By not learning the lessons from the past we lost too many big brothers and big sisters from our arm services.

Secondly and more importantly, we unable or unwilling to stop the heron form leaving Afghanistan, but we want to stop the Taliban. The drugs that our government is allowing to leave Afghanistan are only funding the death of more of our troops. It’s also creating drug problems here in the Unite States, were heron is the second abused drug in American. This drug abuse has created major problems for our young and has stopped them from achieving their goals. We have student in high school using heron, and we wonder why we are in third place in the world as it applies to education.

Thirdly, there is more American dyeing in Afghanistan, than have...
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