Wall of China Presentation Notes

Topics: Great Wall of China, Qin Shi Huang, Qing Dynasty Pages: 2 (417 words) Published: February 26, 2013

Picture of Ming Dynasty wall

Original Construction:
Chunqiu orginally started, Qi, Wei, Yan, Zhao- were independent city-states who built walls to protect Qin Shihuang took helm at age 22 and established the Qin Dynasty, the first feudal empire in China's history. 221 BC- emporer Qin ShiHuang united/captured 6 states- and ordered military wall for Northern border Ordered to build wall 5,000 kilometers from Liaodong Bay (east) to Lintao of the Gansu provice (west) Originally known as--- "Wan Li Chang Cheng" or translated to "Then Thousand li (unit, 5,000 kilometers) Great wall)

Picture of emporer, and terra cotta warrior in mausoleum, currency, remains of Qin Shuihuangs walls, map of walls he built

Military Strata:
Orginally protected from other city-states and invaders
Nomadic groups--- Mongol, Turkic people from northwest areas China's biggest threat-> Xiongnu tribe from Mongolia--- had excellent horseback skills

Wartime Use:
Built as a fortification
Represents unification
Beacon Towers- Smoke Signals, flags---- CLICK
Shelter for troops--CLICK x3
Storage of weapons and ammunition Food (grain/rice) storage---CLICK Barrier to keep out invaders
Troop transportation

Other uses:
Safeguarded Trade Routes---Silk road merchants
Economic Development & Cultural Progress->Protection from new ideas Let in who you want or don't
Made sure no radical ideas got in

Later Era:

Han Dynasty 206BC-220AD:
Longest fortification wall
Longer than 10,000 kilometers, twice the Qin wall
Built to supersede old wall
Huns in north were threatening---- CLICK TWO IMAGES

CLICK---Ming Dynasty 1368-1644
Last great walls to be built
6,000 kilometer
Response to Mongol harassment along the northern border after Yuan collapse. Nuzhen people also ambitious for China. Also Helped repeal Manchu invasions
Most of the wall we see today is from the Ming.

The Wall Today:
The wall is a large tourism market in China
Basically all parts before the...
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