W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc. Entering 1998

Topics: Leadership, Sexual orientation, Military organization Pages: 2 (442 words) Published: June 7, 2009
Case Study n1: W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc. Entering 1998
Question 1:
Gore has repeatedly appeared on the "Best Companies to Work For" lists both in the United States and several European countries. The company topped the UK Sunday Times "100 Best Companies to Work For" list for 4 consecutive years, 2004-2007. At least part of this must be attributed to "The Gore Method." Bill Gore created an organization with a flat lattice-like organizational structure where everyone shares the same title: associate. There are neither chains of command nor predetermined channels of communication. There are no bosses. There are instead "leaders." Associates choose to follow leaders rather than have bosses assigned to them. Performance reviews are based on a peer-level rating system.The company operates a policy of non-discrimination regarding sexual orientation of its employees and same-sex couples the same benefits as heterosexual couples. In 2008, 39% of employees were women and 17% belonged to minorities. A small works team lets get to know each other better learn to work together, thus work more efficiently and allocate tasks, communication and the center of the group. Also leaving the fact of not having a boss but used sponsors can remove the stress of performance and are to increase leadership. Like many companies in the employee working on the project that interests and sets its own goal.

Question 2:
The newly hired by Gore have difficult start in company.Gore is far from traditional company. At Gore's, natural leadership is the rule; you follow the one who drives the team together on a project. A person who works for the Leader manager must get used not to work for someone, but for the team. In addition to that, with a clear chain of command, you know whom you answer to. Here, because it is the employees who decide what they will work on, and thus set their own goals, the only person they answer is themselves, and their colleagues. In a more traditional company,...
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