W.L. Gore and Associates Case Study

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W. L. Gore Case Study
Q1. What theories from this chapter are revealed through the case ?
R: Bill Gore the founder implement in W.L. Gore and Associates develop inside a company a orgnizational structure as a “lattice organization” based on the follow feature: - Direct lines of communications – person to person with no intermediary - No fixed or assigned authority - Sponsors, not bosses - Natural leadership as evidenced by the willingness of others to follow\ - Objects set by those who must “make them happen” - Tasks and functions organized through commitments - Complete avoidance of the hierarchical command and control structure
Due this fact in this case the theory which is revealed is “Dyadic Theory”

Q2. How did Gore’s “sponsors” program facilitate the creation of high-quality relationships among leaders, sponsors and associates?
R: In W.L. Gore & Associates the sponsor program is dyadic relationship between an incumbent (experienced employee) and new hired employee. Because in this program the sponsor act like a mentor, coach and advocate between for new hired employee this situation create a interpersonal relations based on friendship, in this way all people which work for W.L. Gore become a group of friends.
Q3. Evaluate followership at W.L. Gore & Associates.What company actions and/or policies account for the quality of followership?
R: In time based on sponsorship program in W.L. Gore & Associates the new employee become associate and due this fact associates respect the four basic principle articulated by Bill Gore : - fairness to each other and everyone we come in contact - freedom to encourage, help and allow other associates to grow in knowledge, skill and scope of responsibility - the ability to make one’s own commitments and keep them - consultation with other associates before undertaking actions that could affect the reputation of company
Q4. Would you

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