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Vision, Mission, and Objectives of Educational Platforms

By Elvin Jr.-Calimag Oct 15, 2014 397 Words

The school should have its vision, mission and goals in order that the students have a rule and guidelines to be followed. This goals, mission, and vision help the students to be morality upright. These three also serves as the map for all the personnel who are involve in the betterment of the quality of education (teachers, administrators, teachers, learners, and etc.). In this institution, there are lots of things that I’ve learned. This is the type of school that has a quality of education. As a student, there are lots of DO’S and DON’T’S to be followed.

The vision, mission and objectives of the school are the "educational platforms" that addresses the schools beliefs, and it helps to create a "community mind. These identifies as a critical quality of leadership. An educational leader creates this three (3), the mental picture of the school and seeks agreement and action of teachers and the school community. According to Fritz (1996), school improvement is accomplished when a clearly understood vision, mission and goals exists. Tension develops between the real and ideal pushing workers to reduce the gap. These challenges everyone in the school environment and has a unifying effect causing people to work closely together, work collaboratively with the school community to develop and maintain a shared vision, mission, and common goals. Bring the school vision, mission and goals to life by using it to guide decision making about students and instructional programs. These maintain faculty focus on developing learning experiences that will enable students to prosper in subsequent grades as adults and maintain open communication with the school community and effectively convey high expectations for student learning to the community. It also provides opportunities and support for collaboration and the exchange of ideas experimentation with innovative teaching strategies, and on-going school improvement.

I therefore conclude that these three are the criteria or the basis to have a common goal or aim in giving the best education in all sectors of education in a particular school. These three are very important because this serves as the path or a guiding star to have a common desire or common goal in giving the best education for the learners for they are the future of our society and to be globally competitive. NAME: ELVIN LAMANERO CALIMAG JR. BSED-3A ENGLISH


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