World History 1.05

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1.How would you name the school? What would be its mascot? Explain your choices. I would name the school based on the country there in or by a historical event that has happen in the past that had a good out come on their country. The reason that I have come up with this choice is because it seem like a good I deal to do it that way. More people would rather it be this way then just a random name with a thought about it. I would name the mascot after the main person that was in charge of the historical event that happen and make the mascot after that person. The reason for this choice is because it wouldn't be right to just have the school name represent the historical event without a mascot there isn't a good reason to have the name just represent the event.

2.Why do you think symbols like a name or mascot are so important to the people of the city? Why would it be important to the students?
The reason that I think a symbols are so important to people of a city is because you are representing something that they believe in or something they care about so deeply they should have something remember it by. But for the students I don't really think they would really care about it unless they were actually told the story of why they named it the name it is or why the mascot is dress the way it is.

3.What are two goals you could recommend the new principal to consider when opening up the new school?
Goal 1: I think the first goal should be is to get teachers that are nice but know how to take control of the students that get out of hand. Goal 2: I think the second goal should be to make sure they show respect students and teachers to each other.

4.Identify two challenges that principal may have in achieving those goals?
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