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Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction, Poverty Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Didier Cohen
1. Didier Cohen is a International Model who has accomplished many great things and has a couple of downfalls in his life. 2. Didier Cohen is an actor, model and DJ. Didier recently appeared on Channel Nine’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’. 3. The main Positive advantage he has accomplished is many works of charity as he participated in a charity competition known as “Celebrity Apprentice Australia” where he raised thousands of dollars for his charity. 4. Good things that has happened to him is the opening of ample opportunities for work as a model and a large fortune. 5. He also accumulated a lot of money for the charity “Youth off the streets” which aids people who are homeless especially the young and they also provide rehabilitation support for people as such. He has given many people a second chance in life and a greater life overall. Bad/Evil

1. Although Didier has accomplished a lot of great things, he has not always had a great life. 2. He was homeless when he was younger being brought up in a very poor family. 3. He didn’t know what to do in his life so he resorted to drug abuse, mainly cocaine and almost destroyed his life, but he recovered and is now clean (good) 4. He has sustained a lot of pressure and harassment from people and the press for his past as a drug addict. 5. He build up his life which was extremely hard as he was in poverty and living in the “Ghetto” as the American call it.


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