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First Level Assessment
I.Presence of Health Threats – conditions those are conducive to disease, accident of failure to realize one’s health potential. Examples of these are the following: A.Family history of hereditary condition disease, e.g., diabetes B.Threat of cross infection from a communicable disease care C.Family size beyond what family resources can adequately provide D.Accident hazards – e.g.,

1.Broken stairs
2.Pointed / sharp objects, poisons and medicines improperly kept. 3.Fire hazards
E.Faulty / unhealthful nutritional / eating habits, e.g.,
1.Inadequate food intake both in quantity and quality.
2.Excessive intake of certain nutrients
3.Faulty eating habits
F.Stress-provoking factors – e.g.,
1.Strained marital relationship
2.Strained parent-sibling relationship
3.Interpersonal conflicts between family members
G.Poor environmental sanitation – e.g.,
1.Inadequate living space
2.Inadequate personal belongings / utensils
3.Lack of food storage facilities
4.Polluted water supply
5.Presence of breeding or resting sites of insects, rodents or other vectors 6.Improper garbage / refuse disposal
7.Unsanitary waste disposal
8.Improper drainage system
9.Poor lighting and ventilation
10.Noise pollution
11.Air pollution
H.Unsanitary food handling preparations
I.Unhealthful lifestyle and personal habits / practices, e.g., 1.Frequent drinking of alcohol
2.Excessive smoking
3.Walking barefooted
4.Eating raw meat / fish
5.Poor personal hygiene
7. Use of dangerous drugs / narcotics
8.Sexual promiscuity
9.Engaging in dangerous sports
10.Inadequate rest / sleep
11.Lack of / inadequate exercise
12.Lack of / inadequate relaxation activities
J.Inherent personal characteristics – e.g., short temper
K.Health history which may participate / induce the reoccurrence of health deficit, e.g., previous history of difficult labor. L.Inadequate role assumptions – e.g., child assuming mother’s role; father not assuming his role. M.Lack of immunization / inadequate immunization status especially of children N.Family disunity – e.g.,

1.Self-oriented behaviour of member(s)
2.Unresolved conflicts of member(s)
O.Others, specify

II.Presence of Health Deficits – instances of failure in health maintenance. Examples include: A. Illness state, regardless of whether it is diagnosed or undiagnosed by medical practitioner B. Failure to thrive / develop according to normal rate C. Disability – whether congenital or arising from illness; transient / temporary (e.g., aphasia or temporary paralysis after CVA) or permanent (e.g., leg amputation secondarily to diabetes: blindness from measles, lameness from polio).

III.Presence of Stress Points / Foreseeable Crisis Situation – anticipated periods of unusual demand on the individual or family in terms of these includes: A. Marriage
B. Pregnancy, labor, puerperium
C. Parenthood
D. Additional member – e.g., newborn, ledger
E. Abortion
F. Entrance at school
G. Adolescence
H. Divorce or separation
I. Menopause
J. Loss of job
K. Hospitalization of a family member
L. Death of a member
M. Resettlement in a new community
N. Illegitimacy
O. Others, specify

There are breeding sites of insects and rodents.

They used to take herbal medicine rather than going to the doctor.

She is already...
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