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MANAGING TOUR OPERATIONS – II (Field Operations – Inbound and Outbound)

Objectives Introduction Developing and Managing Linkages with Principal Suppliers Managing Recruitment and Trained Manpower Operations Department 5.4.1 5.4.2 5.5.1 5.5.2 Inbound Tour Operations Outbound Tour Operations Marketing In-bound Tours Marketing Out-bound Tours

5.5 Managing the Marketing of Tours Packages 5.6 Let Us Sum Up 5.7 Clues to Answers Annexure

After reading this Unit, you will be able to:
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appreciate the importance of liaisoning with providers of services at local and international level for tour operations, know about the management of available human resources, earn about the construction of fares and quoting fares for tours/packages, understand precautionary measures to be taken while handling inbound tour operations, and know the various procedures involved in tour operations.

In the management of tour operations you have to address primarily functions related to two areas, i.e., inbound tour operations and outbound tour operations. In inbound tour operations as a manager you have to design the product according to the market tastes and trends, attend and reply mail regularly by using latest means of technology, prepare quotations of fares, costing packages, supervising and controlling issues of vouchers as tickets as well as motivating your employees to achieve desired goals. As a manager you also have to provide in -house training to your emplo yees on various aspects related to their jobs. Inbound tour operations also involve several field operations like arranging transfers, pick-ups and hotel check-ins as well as to ensure smooth connection of the group by rail, road and air. On the other hand, outbound tour operations have always been the centre of attraction for all the employees of the organisation because they are also seen as a gateway for frequent overseas visits either as a part of familiarisation trips or to develop contacts with the principal suppliers of services. As a manager, therefore, your prime responsibility is to equip your employees with updated product knowledge by giving them first hand experience of outbound operations. On the one hand, you can develop your own outbound packages and on the other hand, you can also sell the packages of inbound tour operators of other destinations. Thus, in this Unit an attempt has been made to familiarise you with management and operational issues related to tour operations. Some of these have already been discussed in TS-3 and TS-6. 45

5.2 DEVELOPING AND MANAGING LINKAGES WITH PRINCIPAL SUPPLIERS Tour operations, just like any other industrial operations, largely depend upon the sources of supply. Here the point of difference is that industrial supplies are not visible to the consumer. For example, if you are producing edible oil, the consumer will not come to know who supplies you the raw material but in tourism operation suppliers like airlines, hotels, shopping malls, cultural attractions, all are visible for customers. Moreover, each one of these principal suppliers contributes towards the satisfaction of customers. These service providers play vital role in your successful operation of tours and you need to develop and manage linkages with these suppliers. You have already been told that there are two areas of operations, i.e., inbound and outbound tour operations. Therefore, for each of these areas linkages work differently because the suppliers are different. In the case of inbound tour operations when you plan to design your product you are required not only to collect complete information on what type of travel products are available in the markets and at what price but also you will have to match the existing products with suitable target market segment. For example, if you are approached by a group of tourists having interest in Buddhist circuit, you must have...
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