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* The addition of accents, known as accessorizing, is first of all, a way to make an outfit yours, even if the clothes themselves came off a rack of similar or identical items. * Creative use of accessories is a young man/woman’s first venture is to dressing as an art. * There are some very practical advantages to accessorizing. * Accessory switching is also useful in making clothes look different. * An accessory is almost anything you wear except the basic clothes – shoes, hats, gloves, belts, scarves, bows, and, of course, jewelry (costumes or real) – and all accessories should be chosen in relations to your size. * Small or short, choose scaled

– down items that will not appear to be wearing you and take satisfaction in the knowledge that exquisite and dainty can be more memorable. * Tall or have a larger frame, you can handle big and dramatic pieces magnificently. RULES FOR ACCESSORIES

* Moderation is the key. Never over –decorate your body. * Your accessories should be appropriate to the occasion, your age, and to the company and which they are worn. * Be certain that you do not rattle when you move because of an arm loaded with too many bracelet or a neck or chest armoured with beads and trinkets. * Day and night call for different accessories.

* Avoid ostentation, especially the wearing of expensive jewelry in groups where others do not have or do not wear it. * After you have it all together, take a final glance in the mirror if you have doubts, take something off. Accessories include jewels, scarves, belts, eyeglasses, shoes, hosiery or stockings, handbags, attaché cases, luggage, umbrella, hats, and gloves. BELTS–are made of leather, plastic, elastic, metallic chains, wooden chains, and straw. SHOES– are not of the most necessary and most expensive accessory items. HOSIERY / STOCKINGS – are a must for the lady executive.

TOTE –to keep all your files in order.
UMBRELLAS – are...
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