Study Guide Exam #2

Topics: Marketing, Supply and demand, Marketing research Pages: 4 (868 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Study Guide Exam #2

1. In marketing we have five general attack strategies.

Frontal – attacker matches opponents product, advertising, price and distribution Side with greater resources will win
Cutting price can work if market leader doesn’t retaliate

Flank - indentifying shifts that cause gaps to develop then rushing to fill the gaps – ie market newspaper where internet is weak Good for challenges with few resources, more like to succeed with frontal attack Another strategy is serve uncovered market needs ie Airat boots for all needs not just a boot

Encirclement – capture a wide slice of the territory by launching a grand offensive on several fronts – it makes sense with superior resources

Bypass – bypass the enemy all together to attack easier market offers 3 approaches by diversifying into unrelated products, diversifying into new geographical markets, and leapfrogging into new technology ie 1 Pepsi Aquafina before Coke’s Dasani water 2 purchase Tropicana higher than minute maid market, 3 purchasing Quaker oats co owner of Gatorade.

Guerilla – consists of small intermittent attack; conventional and unconventional – including selective price cuts, intense promotional blitzes, and occasional legal action ( to harass the opponent and secure permanent footholds) ** Expensive but less than frontal, encirclement, or flank. Must use strong attack to beat opponent.

2. As in question 1; There are six general defense strategies that can be used. These are; “defender”, Flank, Pre-emptive, Counter-offensive, mobile, and contraction. What kinds of attacks DOES EACH RESPOND TO?

Position defense – occupying the most desirable market space in a consumer’s mind; making the brand impregnable

Flank defense – market leader erect outposts to protect a weak defense or support a counter attack

Pre-emptive defense – a more aggressive maneuver is to attack first perhaps with a guerilla action across the market;...
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