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Gallipoli has deep significance for most Australians !
Between April 25 and December 18 1915 thousands of young Australian and New Zealand soldiers died on the beaches and cliffs of Turkey’s Gallipoli Peninsula! Although the expedition was a failure,the courage and endurance of these men created the Anzac legend.!

The British Plan!
By 1915,the British government had begun searching for a way to break the stalemate on the Western Front.!
Winston Churchill,head of the British Navy,believed that Britain should use its warships to weaken Germany by attacking and defeating Turkey,Germany’s new ally.!


The Plan!
The plan was for the battleships to move through the strip of water known as the Dardanelles! Attack Turkey’s capital Constantinople.!
Force Turkey out of the war and open up a supply route for Russia.! The Plan also offered the additional advantage of opening up a new front from which to attack Germany’s other main ally,Austria-Hungary.!


The Gallipoli Campaign!
The naval assault was a failure from the beginning,as British and French ships suffered heavy damage from mines and shellfire.!
British military authorities decided to attempt a land invasion! This too was a disaster as the Turks had advance warning of the invasion.! The campaign was a defeat. By late August 1915, British military strategist realised that they had little chance of defeating Turkish troops on the Gallipoli Peninsula.! Allied troops began withdrawing from Anzac cove and Sulva bay in early december 1915. By December 19,the evacuation was complete,with only two casualties !


The Landing !
By the time British and Australian troops landed on the beaches of the Gallipoli Peninsula in April 1915,the turks had been working for weeks to organise reinforcements and strengthen defences! Anzac troops left their landing craft to face a barrage of Turkish machine gun fire.!


April 25!
On 25th April 1915,16000 Anzac troops landed at what later...
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