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Strategies for Selecting a Topic

By kamekaw79 Oct 16, 2012 483 Words
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Rhetorical Modes Matrix

Rhetorical modes are various methods for effectively communicating through language and writing.

Complete the following chart to identify the purpose and structure of the various rhetorical modes used in academic writing. Provide at least two tips for writing each type of rhetorical device.

| |Purpose |Structure |Tips | |Rhetorical mode |Explain when or why each |Explain what organizational method works |Provide two tips for writing | | |rhetorical mode is used. |best with each rhetorical mode. |in each rhetorical mode. | |Narration |The purpose of narration is to |A narration is told in Chronological Order|Understand what your purpose | | |tell a story, this is usually used|because it organizes the story from first |is in the beginning. Keep | | |when a person is tells someone |to last, and also arrange the event by |human senses in mind, focus on| | |about an event or incident in |time. |details related to sight, | | |their day. | |sound, smell, taste, and touch| | | | |as you describe people, places| | | | |and events. | |Illustration |The purpose of Illustration is to |The structure of illustration is organized|Always clearly articulate your| | |show or demonstrate your story |by Order of Importance. It arranges the |point and when in doubt, add | | |clearly, it also support the point|idea according to their significance, |extra examples to illustrate | | |through the use of evidence |supporting your main point with your |your idea. If you want to keep| | | |strongest evidence. |readers engaged in your | | | | |writing, vary the phrases of | | | | |illustrations you use. | |Description |The purpose of description is to |The structure of description is when the |Arranges ideas according to | | |capture your fully attention, by |write describes a person, place, or object|physical characteristics, or | | |describing details in the story, |that allows the reader to picture the |appearance. Use vivid sensory | | |and focusing on the sensory detail|object you describe. |details that will appeal to | | |allowing them to experience your | |the five senses. | | |world through your writing. | | | |Classification |The purpose of classification is |The structure of classification explains |breakdown any given topic at | | |to break broad subjects down into |how that topic is divided into subgroups |least three different ways | | |smaller categories, to help manage|and why. This will help you learn more |to better manage your | | |your thoughts and be more |about that topic. |thoughts. | | |creative. | | | | | | | | |Process |The purpose is to see how can you |The structure provides the goal of the |Reviewing what you have | |analysis |provide a step by step process in|process, such as the way you will write it|written allows you to | | |your writing. | |understand your written. | | | | |Always give a specific | | | | |introduction and break it down| | | | |so you will better understand | | | | |. | |Definition |The definition purpose gives you |Structure explains the general subject on |If you write something about | | |details |what you are writing |someone or something personal| | | | |it can give you more great | | | | |ideas | |Comparison and | | | | |contrast | | | | |Cause and | | | | |effect | | | | |Persuasion | | | |

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