strategic thinking

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Perspectives of strategic thinking4
Rational thinking perspective4
General thinking perspective5
A model of elements of strategic thinking6
System perspective6
Intent focused6
Intelligent opportunitism7
Thinking in time7
Hypothesis driven7
Levels of strategic thinking7
Strategic Thinking at the Individual Level7
Strategic Thinking at the Organizational Level7
The strategic thinking process8

Strategic thinking is using analogies and qualitatives similarities to develop creative new ideas. This differs from strategic planning which focuses on following preprogrammed rules. Strategic thinking focuses on the strategy. The question is how managers should organize their thinking to achieve a successful strategic reasoning process. The ability to think strategically, is crucial to remaining competitive in an increasingly turbulent and global environment. Campbell and Alexander(1997) came up with an approach to strategic thinking. They delineate three elements; (1) insight into operating issues: with benchmarking other organizations, process re-engineering and total quality management organizations should look for opportunities to increase continuously the way they do things, (2) future gazing: exponents of chaos theory warn of the need always to be ready for the unexpected and unpredictable, therefore, the emphasis is on discontinuous change and the idea of reinventing and hence controlling developments in the industry. That is, establishing new rules of competition and seizing the high ground ahead of any rivals, (3) behavior and culture: without a clear and communicated vision and direction and with an absence of employees who are willing to engage the future and look for change opportunities, strategic thinking will be very limited and unimaginative. Strategic reasoning is meant to deal with strategic problems. Strategic problems are set of circumstances requiring a reconsideration of the current course of action, either to profit from observed opportunities or to respond to perceived threats. To deal with strategic problems managers should not only think but also go through a strategic reasoning process. Managers must structure their individual thinking steps into a reasoning process that will result in strategic behavior. Built into Peter Drucker pattern of thinking are three techniqes that he used to consider almost every problem. These techniques are: (1) Ask penetrating questions of people who understand current and future realities so they can generate and evaluate a creative set of Strategic options. (2) Reframe and simplify to enable review and adjustment Drucker masterfully used reframing and stating the essence of an issue simply to increase Management understands insight and clarity of strategic thinking. (3) Consider alternative assumptions and probe implications to think about a firm’s future, Drucker insisted that organizations must learn to cultivate dissent and manage it constructively. Perspectives of strategic thinking

There are strategists who argue that strategic thinking is one of the most advanced forms of analytical reasoning, requiring the consistent and rigorous use of logic. This is the rational reasoning perspective. Other strategists argue that the essence of strategic thinking is the ability to break through orthodox beliefs, requiring the use of creativity. This is the generative thinking perspective. Rational thinking perspective

Strategies employing this perspective argue that strategic thinking is predominantly a logical activity. To deal with strategic problems the strategists must consciously and thoroughly analyze the problem situation. Data must be gathered on all developments external to the organization and this data is used to identify the opportunities and threats in the organization’s environment. The oragnization should also identify its strengths and...

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