Strategic Planning

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Channels of Distribution

Our channels of distribution will deal with how we connect to our customer segment, how we raise awareness of our product to our customer segment, how we deliver our products to our customers and how we handle returns of our products.

Our channels of distribution will vary each year that we expand our products to different customer segments. We will set up and establish a website that features our products and highlights the value proposition of our products. This will be our direct channel of distribution. This will allow for us to raise awareness of our products value proposition, gain exposure of our product, sell our products, and allow for customer support.

Our website will feature information on our products and be a convenient way to purchase our products from anywhere. By securing a contract with United Parcel Service and the United States Postal Service, we will be able to deliver our products to anyone, either domestic or international, at any time a product is purchased. Deliveries will go be prepared and packaged the day which the order is placed and sent out the following morning for delivery via one of our two couriers. United Parcel Service will be able to handle our international deliveries across the globe and the United States Postal Service is only able to deliver products in the United States, so they will most likely handle our domestic deliveries. Our website will also serve as a customer support center for our customers who have questions or complaints about our products.

Our website will serve as a source for our customers to file claims for return or replacement of our products. In order to file a claim for replacement of a defective product, the defective product must still be under warranty. A product will be covered under warranty for 90 calendar days from the date of purchase. Proof of purchase is also required in this situation. Customers will be able to go online, enter the returns and complaints section of our website, and choose to either fill out a return form via email or call a customer service representative and file a claim in that manner.

Upon completion of filing a claim, our company will then ship out a replacement product for the product that is defective; inside the box will contain the new product, a prepaid return slip and instructions for returning the product. This will come at no cost to the customer. The replacement product will be either the same product that is defective or if that product is no longer available, a new product of equal value will serve as the replacement. We will require that the defective product be returned to our company and the box that was used to ship the replacement product be used to ship the defective product back. Upon arrival of the replacement we will also require that the defective product be shipped back to our company within 10 calendar days of receiving the replacement product, neglecting to do so will result in a full price charge of the replacement product.

We will go to the locations where our customers will use our products and where our customer segment will be. Our first year of business is focused on the college students who are athletically active at SUNY Potsdam. Maxcy Hall is the main fitness and athletic center on the campus of SUNY Potsdam, our customer segment will be frequent visitors of this part of campus and presents our company with a good opportunity to raise awareness and introduce our product to our customer segment.

We will take advantage of this opportunity by going directly to where our customers will be and where our products will be put to use. At the entrance of the fitness center inside Maxcy Hall, we will establish a stand for two weeks that will be staffed by our sales representatives. At the stand we will display our product in a manner that highlights it’s value proposition. Employees will be stationed at the stand to act as sales force and promote...
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