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Question 1:
What makes an effective HRM? What skill, competencies and knowledge does he or she require to become a successful manager in the organization of today? Introduction
Have you ever wondered why a trading company can grow and stand firm on the market or not? What measures can a company executive agreement and work together with the most? The answer is only essential in human resource management department. For a company that can develop strong, the board needs to know how to sort and application systems and business managers in each department. HR management is the core department for a company. HR management requires a team of management, who is knowledgeable and extremely experienced excellent, by good management will provide a process to work effectively. You, as a small and medium business owner (directors or management leaders) are responsible for continuously indicating and communicating business objectives to all employees in the business. You must also create conditions for professionals and staff working for these goals by building the system in the company: work rules, salary system, and evaluation methods work effectively and measures to reward and discipline. Management practices, work environment you provide your employees and how to communicate the values ​​and purpose will determine your success and the success of your business. To achieve the objectives and implement the strategic plan you need to closely link the HR policies and procedures with business objectives. For example, you need to know when and why to recruit staff, what do you expect from them, you will be rewarded and / or discipline employees for them to be able to achieve strategic business goals. In an organization, small companies, the head of human resources management can’t solve all aspects of personnel work. It requires the person in charge of this work must have a wide knowledge. Responsibilities of HR Manager vary depending on the requirements of the company. In a large corporation, the management human common leading and managing development programs and policies of the company's workforce. These policies are usually enforced by the director or manager of human resources, in a few cases is the director of the relevant sectors. These policies are usually enforced by the director or manager of human resources, in a few cases is the director of the relevant sectors. HR Manager can monitor a few parts. Each monitor each such department must have management experience and expertise in the field of operations management personnel, such as job arrays, arrays of compensation, benefits, training and development, or the relationship of the employee. Therefore, your human resource managers have to set a strategy human resource management. Strategy of human resource management:

Human resource planning is the process of examining a system needs to map out human resource planning how to ensure the goal of "the right people, and for the right moment." Human resources planning will help you answer the following questions: - Enterprises need the staff like?

- When should they now?
- They need to have any skills?
- Enterprises have the appropriate available yet? And if they have all the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary or not? Enterprises will recruit them from outside or select from the existing staff? Many people believe that human resource planning, finger out the numbers and rigidly imposed while increasing human movements. But in fact the plan long-term human resources is often specified in the short term plans. These plans can be dynamically adjusted according to the actual situation of the enterprise. Case study: strategic HRM case study of Luxury Cars

"Managing human resources strategy is a process of linking the HR function with the strategic objectives of the organization to improve performance." (Bratton & Gold 2007) Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the management of human resources with a strategic...

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