Space Race Outline

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Not every student is able to receive 100% attendance throughout the year. Whether it is because of work, because of a child, because of sports, or because of an emergency student will always have an extra something on their plate making school difficult. eCampus ultimate success will fall down to if you are willing to make extra profit while also helping students to succeed.

eCampus is a pretty simple concept, its name stands for itself. eCampus stands for ‘Electronic Campus’. Basically eCampus is a virtual campus that is accessible to almost every student. It is an online based, tool to help with learning and is also an electronic community center. It is a way for students and professors to interact personally through the web. This effective system offers classes collaboration and tools used for communication. It also has assessment features and allows access to a large amount of learning and teaching resources completely customizable by faculty through a secure portal.

Statement of Problem
Everyone is in agreement with the fact that a successful college/university is one filled with students. From my experience with Community Colleges, Wake Tech is amongst the top ones. Wake Tech has multiple Campuses, each one with its own uniqueness, and each on is relatively close to one another. However not every Campus is reachable to some students. Online programs through the eCampus can change that. Because of its convenience, eCampus can offer a great deal of flexibility to a students academic career. eCampus is perfect for students who have the task of trying to balance their families, their work schedules or other obligations. With this program, students are able to balance easily while also being able to further their education.  eCampus is a great opportunity for the many students that are not able to attend their campus classes regularly because of previous engagements such as work or family obligations or...

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