Space Race

Topics: Space exploration, Cold War, NASA Pages: 2 (297 words) Published: February 20, 2013
The Space Race
I. Thesis: Introduction to the Space Race
II. Early year of the Cold War
a. Reasons for the Space Race
i. German V-2 Rocket
ii. German Scientists
b. Russian and American tensions
i. Early Fights
ii. Real reasons for interest in space
III. Apollo and Soyuz programs
a. What they were and what happen
i. Political impacts
ii. Scientific impacts
1. Turning points
IV. Impact of Space Race Technology
a. It was the beginning of our everyday technology
i. More space explorations
ii. Freeze-dried food
iii. Athletic shoes developed from boots worn on the moon V. Causes of the space race
a. The Cold War
b. End of WWII
i. Fear and astonishment of the US, because they inferred since the Soviet Union had rockets powerful enough to launch a satellite then they had rockets powerful enough to launch atomic bombs on the US ii. Need for secret surveillance of enemy territory and targets VI. Effects of the Space Race

a. NASA increased its technology dramatically
b. Food sterilization
c. Change in educational system
i. Focused mainly on math and science, for ex: astronomy, chemistry VII. Achievements of the Space Race
a. Sent first humans to the moon
b. First human to walk on the moon
c. United Stated won the Space Race
d. Apollo 11’s success
e. First space station
f. Telescopes
VIII. Government role during the Space Race
a. The government was able to assemble the most brilliant scientists and give them every tool possible to get the job done i. Government gave them money
IX. The End of the Space Race
a. The space race ended on July 20, 1969
b. Neil Armstrong landed...
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