Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Topics: White people, Black people, Mildred D. Taylor Pages: 10 (4251 words) Published: June 4, 2013
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Characters

Cassie Logan
Cassie is the first-person narrator of the story. Cassie is an intelligent, outspoken, and self-confident nine year old girl, even when those qualities threaten to get her in trouble for speaking her mind in a white-dominated world. She is mature in regard to her sense of morality but she is naïve. She does not understand the depth and cruelty of the racism around her. Even though Cassie is younger than Stacy, she is constantly making sure he is safe and okay. Cassie dislikes T.J. because of his lying personality and thinks he is a bad influence on Stacy. However she soon learns that even though he is bad person, Stacy still considered him a friend. Since she is black she experiences racism and learns the real dangers of being black in the South in the 1930s.She is witness to the violence and injustice of the South as she becomes aware of lynching, of the curtailment of her father and mother's freedom, and of the severe punishments meted out to blacks accused of wrongdoing. Cassie grows up over the course of the year, learns some sad truths, and experiences the strength and love of her family. Stacey Logan

Stacey is Cassie’s older brother. As the oldest child, he bosses his brothers and sister around and is the leader of their small group. He is brave and compassionate, but not always wise. Stacey is best friends with T.J. Avery. Since he is twelve years old he often tries to solve his own problems of his own.Stacey has lessons to learn however, he is sensitive about being teased by older friends and allows T.J. to talk him out of the coat given to him by Uncle Hammer. The coat does not look bad on him, but T.J. wants it for himself. The scolding given to him by Mr. Morrison was worse than any punishment his mother could have inflicted as it accuses him of weakness and of being more foolish than the fool who took advantage of him. Stacey learns quickly, however, and does not make the same mistake when T.J. tries to rib him about the handmade flute Jeremy gives him for Christmas Stacey matures in his understanding of friendship. He and T.J. have always been friends, but when T.J. cheats a second time, gets Mary Logan fired, and then turns to white boys for his friends, Stacey refuses to have anything more to do with him. However, he remains concerned about him and asks about him from other boys who have seen him. He also keeps to himself his opinion about the white boy Jeremy Simms’ friendship. Jeremy shows himself to be a friend even when Stacey seems ill at ease about accepting it. Stacey continues his friendship with Jeremy even though he keeps it low-key. Also, in keeping the flute, but putting it away, it seems as though he may be waiting to find out if his father is correct in saying that sooner or later Jeremy will turn on him. In the end, Stacey has seen examples of “doing what you have to.” He saw Mr. Morrison beat the Wallaces under circumstances when the Wallaces could not retaliate, and he saw his father find a way to subvert white intentions without letting them know who had done it. He runs into the woods to vent his grief over his friend. As with Cassie, the incident will leave him a changed boy. Clayton Chester "Little Man" Logan

The youngest son of Mary and David Logan, “Little Man” is sometimes the most mature. He is rarely afraid of danger and loves adventure. He dislikes cruelty and lies- one reason why he hates T.J. He is also very neat; he worries constantly about his clothes and becoming dirty. Since he is only Six years old, he does not know much about the hardships of black people by the whites. This is shown on his first day of school when he asked why the bus didn’t stop for them. Upon his arrival to school, he becomes furious when he realizes that the books they had received were old and torn books disposed by the white children when they were finished using them. Over time, he learns more about cruelty and even more reasons to dislike it....
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