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“Words will never hurt me” used to be just an expression, but now bullying has gotten so bad that words really do hurt, this is known as “bullicide”. Many children, teens, and even some adults are victims of physical, verbal, or cyber bullying. Bullying affects victims negatively and can sometimes lead to suicide. Children, parents, and teachers need to work to prevent and end bullying. Bullying is a serious issue that has numerous causes and effects that can sometimes be life changing.

Bullying is a serious problem today. Bullying is any kind of mistreatment done with an intent to harm someone. In true bullying there is an imbalance of power. Usually the bully is bigger, older, more popular, or stronger. Bullies use their strength, power, or popularity to bully those who are weak. They tend to repeatedly bully the same person or same group of people (Winkler 14-15; “Bullying Statistics”).

There are several different kinds of bullying. Direct bullying is teasing, taunting, threatening, hitting, or stealing. Direct bullying is more likely to happen between boys, whereas girls partake in indirect bullying. Indirect bullying is spreading rumors or isolating students from exclusive groups. Other types of bullying are physical bullying, verbal bullying, and cyber bullying (Winkler 14-15; “Bullying Statistics”).

Physical bullying is more likely to happen between boys and middle school students. Types of physical bullying are fighting, practical jokes, stealing, or sexual harassment. Usually the bully picks the same victim to target every time. The victim gets embarrassed or hurt by the bully. Because of the imbalance of power, such as the bully being stronger than the victim, the victim is usually intimidated by the bully. Some types of harm involve hitting, pushing, tripping, slapping, or spitting on the victim (“Bullying Statistics”).

Another type of bullying is verbal bullying. Verbal bullying can be just as hurtful if not worst than physical bullying. Girls are the biggest contributors to verbal bullying. They degrade and embarrass their victim just for fun. One of the most common forms of verbal bullying is name calling. Another form is social exclusion. To show their superiority, the bully excludes the victim from any contact with their social group (“Bullying Statistics”).

The third main type of bullying is cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is similar to verbal bullying. Like verbal bullying, the victim is harassed, humiliated, embarrassed, threatened, or tormented, but instead of this happening in person the bully uses technology to victimize their weaker peers. Cyber bullying can only happen between minors, if an adult bullies a child online this is called cyber harassment or cyber stalking. Again, these attacks are not considered bullying unless the same victim is harmed multiple times (“Bullying Statistics”).

With the expansion of technology it is now easier and more convenient to hurt someone. Most bullying ends when the school or work day is over, however with cyber bullying the victim can never really escape the situation. Cyber bullying follows the victim home and is out there for the whole world to see. Most rumors are spread and blown out of proportion using social networking. Many teens have become suicidal due to cyber bullying (Ducharme).

Since many teens have committed or attempted suicide because of cyber bullying, it is necessary that law enforcement get involved in the situation to stop the bullying. Cyber bullying happens via text message or internet. Some examples of this are leaving a mean statuses or posting on the victims Facebook page, uploading embarrassing pictures of the victim for the whole world to see, or spreading rumors and gossip through text messages. Some of the bullies online are the ones being bullied offline in real life. Online people feel powerful because they can hide behind their computer screen. Other bullies online are also bullies offline who just want to...
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