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Ergonomics: Factor that provides safety to the driver in case of Accident

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John Michael Acuesta
Archie Flores
Alvin Guevara
Lovely Marie Paredes
Background of the Study
There are excess of 43,000 deaths due to car accident every year. The majority of the car accident victims are the drivers then the passenger followed by the pedestrian and lastly the cyclist. ( Drivers as the major victim of car accidents, we concerned about their safety, as of in our safety too. In order for us to be aware of deaths and injuries in vehicular accident, safety precaution and information must be proven and properly relayed to the public. As part of such argument, this study is done to provide more information and details to the safety of drivers. In this paper, we give evidences that ergonomics is one of the factors that affect the safety of the drivers. To provide efficient information to avoid unnecessary cost due to damage of properties. We define ergonomics as an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely. We can determine here if the physical features, the weight, the size, and the shape of the car/vehicle also affects the safety.

Independent Variable| Intervening Variable| Dependent Variable| Ergonomics( design, shape, size, mass, devices)| Factors to lessen damage on cars| Safety of the driver in car accident|

We cannot avoid accidents like in our roads, accidents always happened. This accident that leads to great lost in our properties including life. Seatbelts, airbags, and anti-lock brakes are some devices that provide safety to the car. In this case, ergonomics design creates safety precautions that provide effective safety and lessen damage to the car and the driver. The main problem that we need to provide is the safety of the drivers. The study entitled “Ergonomics: Factor that provides safety to the driver in case of Accident”

1) The driver and the car is more safe if it is ergonomically designed due to the effective design and devices used in the car.

Related Literature
1. Summary Air Bag Interaction with, and Injury Potential from, Common Steering Control Devices,  
Summary: Air Bag Interaction with an Injury Potential from Common Steering Control Devices, Final Report, March 1998 This study continued the exploration of the potential degradation in crash safety due to steering control devices (SCDs) mounted to the steering wheel rim. Testing in this phase consisted of seven static air bag deployments tests using six different air bags, four static air bag tests on an out-of-position 5th percentile female dummy, 15 pendulum impact tests and five 49 km/h sled tests. A separate study using a single male cadaver of average stature is referenced. The results supported the Phase I findings that SCDs do not compromise air bag performance and are not ejected by air bag deployment. At first, the test results indicated that contact with certain SCDs could severely injure a driver in a frontal collision. An alternative, less injurious, SCD concept design was developed and tested. This design produced significantly lower peak contact pressure and less potential for chest injury. In-vehicle testing and survey of SCD manufacturers and prescribers confirmed that the new design was sufficiently rigid for operational loads. Using these results, recommendations were formulated for SCDs that would limit the potential for driver injury in a crash.


2. Vehicle Mass, Size and Safety
Federal Office of Road...

References: The Federal Office of Road Safety
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