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Overview/Introduction| You should identify and briefly outline the main ways in which you in engaged in the process of reflection and the framework or frameworks that have helped you to develop this process. | Pivotal Moments| You should be able to write in depth about how your ability to reflect has developed during the course. We suggest that you focus on and analyse in detail two or more ‘pivotal moments’, which have had a significant impact on your practice and/or thinking. | Wider perspectives and reflexivity| As reflection deepens, the focus should move away from concern with the ‘technical’ aspects of the classroom towards wider issues. A good reflective commentary should also contain thoughts about what the process of reflection has taught you about yourself as a learner and as a teacher. Your commentary should include some analysis about how your reflection has led you to consider wider issues (this discussion should be supported by reading) and about how the person you are has had an impact on your developing reflective processes. | Review of self as a learner, leading to conclusions and priorities for future professional development| In this final section, be sure to make explicit and develop evidence of how you have reflected on your practice, identified improvements, adapted your practice, acted upon advice and evaluated the impact of these modifications.| A contents list of the supporting portfolio| This should identify each piece of supporting documentation used.| The portfolio| Containing a selection of the materials (about 12-15 pieces) that provide evidence relating to your development as a reflective practitioner. You should only include materials referred to in the main body of the reflective commentary. They should clearly connect to and support your analysis. Each piece of documentation should itself include a reflection/annotation by you (see details above). The summary of learning for each project...
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