Better and Care Worker

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Health and social care level 3
Section 3

Task 1 – you are going to be a mentor for a new care worker as part of their induction process. Part of your role is to help them prepare for their probation period. 1. Create a guide for the new care worker about how to reflect in their practice. The guide must include the headings listed with an explanation of each: What is reflective practice?

Why is reflective practice important?
How reflective practice contributes to improving the quality of service provision? How standards can be used to help a care worker reflect on their practice?

Reflective practice helps social workers to develop an understanding of practice events. Group sessions may lead to action in certain cases, but that is not the main goal of the reflective process; instead developing understanding in the context of a supportive peer group makes it easier for social workers to admit feeling failure and personal vulnerability. It is a safe space in which to talk without fear of repercussion – and this can dramatically reduce work-related stress. There are a few steps to be taken in reflective practice: 1. Develop an awareness of that is happening

2. Find a way to describe or capture it
3. Develop understanding
4. Find a way forward
Reflective practice is very important in order to ensure that high standards are kept continuously as circumstances, people and environments change. In order to reflect you must continuously be aware of approaches used and how they can be changed or developed to improve. Continually improving and adapting approaches benefits all carers ensuring that each individuals needs are catered for. Reflective practice involved evolving a person centred approach, the carer benefits as their skills grow and develop enabling the highest standard of care and provision it. It also promotes a better level of understanding and acceptance of those different from us, taking on board the opinions cultures and attitudes of others to ensure a diverse and positively productive daily experience that enables higher levels of understanding from all. It also includes personal and team development because a reflective practice evolves our experiences, experience can only be beneficial when it is either a positive experience (good practice), or a negative experience that is reflected upon and consequently changed and improved.

2. You arrange a mentor meeting to feedback to the car worker. You have comments to make which includes both praise and constructive criticism. Write notes to prepare for your meeting. In your notes, explain: Why it is important for a care worker to seek feedback on performance. The different ways that people may react to receiving constructive feedback Why it is important for a care worker to use the feedback to improve their practice

There are many reasons why everyone wants feedback, one of them is to pursue improvement. In social care they need feedback so that can serve the community better. They might be able to find alternatives and new ideas so they can give more to the community. By giving feedbacks on their performance, it helps them to evaluate what should they stop doing or what should they constantly do. It is also important for a social care worker to seek feedback on their performance so they can improve on ways of working that they may need to, helping them work in the best possible way. If you do not agree with feedback regarding your performance, talk to a senior member of staff for advice. People mat react differently to constructive feedback. Some may not agree and see the feedback as negative, when it is meant to help them improve their practice. Others accept feedback positively and work to improve their practice listening to and taking in advice. Some people may take the feedback but not work on improving on anything, so stay at the same. It is important for social care workers to use their feedback to improve their practice, to help...
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