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Topics: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Hamlet, Tom Stoppard Pages: 2 (894 words) Published: May 25, 2014
 Catherina Li
critical outline

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead is a work that focuses on how everything can mean nothing and how nothing can mean everything.

Autobiography: Tom Stoppard is Sir Tom Stoppard is a Czech-born playwright. He began his career in England in 1954 as a journalist, soon moving to London in 1960 to start work as a playwright A Walk on the Water Enter a Free Man Every Good Boy Deserves Favour

Rosencrantz: The dumber of the two. Is always questioning what is here and what is there, and is almost like the little brother of Guildenstern. He always follows what Guildenstern says but is also witty at the same time, but even admits to Guil as being the more “dominant” of the two. Has more fun than Guil does, as he gets more excited when he sees the Tragedians.

Guildenstern: A very inquisitive man who believes he can seek the answer to any question he has. He is a good friend of Hamlet and initiates things based off how he feels. He is the leader of the two, but he would be incomplete without Ros. Even when he is crying, Ros is the only one that’s there to comfort him. The two of them are like Batman & Robin, with Guil as being Batman.

Player: The leader of the Tragedians who seems to have a dysfunctional brain. He is wise, knowing that you can’t question life at every turn, but saying that life is just like a play is an analogy I can’t seem to see. He starts yapping away at Alfred for no apparent reason, and killed someone during a play just for the heck of it. Something’s up with this guy…

Hamlet: Is only shown as dysfunctional and crazy throughout the book. In all of his speaking parts, he is mad and always on the verge of losing it. Always needs attention but is also smart for saving his whole life.

Alfred: the puppy dog who doesn’t have a say in things. He just follows orders and lets the cast dress him up however they want. He sort of defies the...
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