Hamlet Analysis

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Script Analysis
Hamlet Analysis

Part I: Tracking Events, Trigger to Heap…

Ghost appears and then leaves
Horatio decides to tell Hamlet about the ghost
He tells Hamlet about the ghost
Hamlet decides that he wants to see the ghost
Hamlet sees the ghost
Hamlet follows the ghost
Ghost tells Hamlet about his death
Hamlet decides to get more information / prove what the ghost was saying before doing anything about it
Hamlet swears his friends to secrecy about what the ghost said and about his plans to act crazy in order to get more information
Offstage trigger – Hamlet acting crazy with Ophelia)
Ophelia tells Polonius that Hamlet has gone crazy
Polonius concludes that this is because Hamlet loves Ophelia Polonius decides to tell this reasoning to Claudius
(side track 1– Claudius tells Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to figure out what is afflicting Hamlet)
Polonius tells Claudius and Gertrude that Hamlet is crazy because of Ophelia Polonius speaks to Hamlet and decides to plan a meeting between Hamlet and Ophelia (side track 1 – Rosencrantz and Guildenstern speak with Hamlet and tell him of the players)

(side track 1 – Hamlet decides to use the players to weed out the truth from Claudius) (side track 1 – Hamlet asks Polonius to have the Claudius and Gertrude watch the play) Hamlet meets Ophelia while Claudius and Polonius hide and listen Hamlet says he doesn’t love Ophelia

Polonius and Claudius decide there must be another reason for Hamlet’s madness and plan to figure out what it is by watching him
(side track 1 – Hamlet speaks with the players to make sure everything is going to go exactly the way he has planned it)
(side track 1 – Hamlet asks Horatio to watch the king during the play) (side track 2 – the players enact the Murder of Gonzago)
(side track 2 – Hamlet comments on the play)
(side track 2a – Claudius rises and leaves mid-play, very upset, along with Gertrude , who is also upset)
(side tracks 1 & 2a converge – Hamlet and Horatio decide that because of Claudius’ reaction to the play, the ghost was telling the truth)
(side track 1 – Hamlet decides to take violent action)
(side track 2b – Gertrude asks to speak with Hamlet)
(side track 2b – Hamlet agrees to speak with Gertrude, and sends Polonius to tell her so) (side track 2c – Claudius plans to send Hamlet to England with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern because he is becoming a danger)

Polonius decides to hide and listen to Hamlet and Gertrude
(side track 2b – Hamlet is on his way to speak to Gertrude and sees Claudius ‘praying’) (side track 2b – Hamlet decides not to kill him then because he would go to heaven) (side track 2b – Hamlet decides to go on and talk to Gertrude) Polonius hides when Hamlet enters

(side track 2b – Hamlet speaks with Gertrude, then hears a noise) Polonius makes a noise
Main thread and side tracks 1 & 2b converge – Hamlet stabs Polonius and kills him Hamlet takes Polonius’ body
Gertrude tells Claudius about Hamlet’s actions
Claudius sends Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to find where Hamlet put Polonius’ body Rosencrantz and Guildenstern talk to Hamlet and bring him back to talk with Claudius Main thread and side track 2c converge – Claudius talks with Hamlet and officially sends him to England (to be killed)

(side track 3 – Fortinbras is passing through Denmark and speaks to Hamlet) (side track 3a – Hamlet decides that he is not giving up – ‘my thoughts be bloody…’) (side track 4 – Ophelia has gone crazy)

(side track 5 – Laertes gets back, learns of Polonius’ death, and blames Claudius) (side track 5 – Laertes confronts Claudius)
(side track 5 – Claudius tells Laertes that Polonius’ death was not his doing) Offstage trigger – pirates attack Hamlet’s ship
Offstage trigger – pirates take Hamlet prisoner and return him to England Main thread and side track 3a converge - Horatio hears news of Hamlet’s return (side track 5 – Claudius convinces Laertes that Hamlet was the cause of Polonius’ death) (side...
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