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  • Speluncean Explorers Case

    Ethics and Corporate Governance The case of Speluncean Explorers Submitted by: Anjum Thobani - 2012195 Bhumica Somani - 2012204 Hardikkumar Sojitra - 2012211 Rahul Gupta - 2012229 Saurabh Ajmera - 2012234 Subhasis Das - 2012244 Anuj Gupta - 2012252 1. What is the context/background in which this incident occurred? How does

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  • Purchasing a House and the Ten Principles of Economics

    The decision to buy a home is one that cannot be entered into lightly. Experts say that a home purchase is one of the most important and significant decisions a person will make in their lifetime. Added with a new baby on the way‚ the decision becomes much more important. There are many factors that will affect one’s decision to buy a home. Many individuals make the decision to buy a home without considering some factors. This can create a negative situation beyond the individual buyer his or

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  • Janis Groupthink

    Janis’ concept of Groupthink Janis’ (1972) concept of Groupthink sets out symptoms and characteristics that can occur within cohesive groups. This behaviour can have significant negative influences on the decision making process within the group. Janis further classifies six main symptoms which can be found in groups suffering from Groupthink. The story of ‘The Bay of Pigs’‚ and the case study of the pharmaceutical industry‚ will help us to illustrate differences between the characteristics

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  • Decision Making and Buridan's Ass

    Decision Making and Buridan ’s Ass Buridan ’s ass is the common name for the paradox which states that an entirely rational ass‚ placed exactly in the middle between two stacks of hay of equal size and quality‚ will starve since it cannot make any rational decision to start eating one rather than the other. The paradox is named after the 14th century French philosopher Jean Buridan. (wikipedia.org. 2006.) I love the idea of a decision making model where everything sucks. I enjoy the thought of

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  • Pow 1 Pig Portfolio

    Chance and Strategy Portfolio Unit Problem The chance and strategy unit problem was to find a strategy for the game Pig that gives you the most points in the long run. The game of pig is where you roll a die for however many rolls as you want to. Each number you roll gets added to your score‚ the person with the highest score wins. However if you roll a one‚ then all the points you won that turn are lost. Content Probability is any fraction or percent going from 0 to 1. There are two

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  • Introduction to Consumer Behaviour

    Consumer Behaviour : Module 1 Introduction: • Needs are the essence of Marketing Concept. • The key to a company’s survival ‚profitability & Growth in a highly competitive market place is its ability to identify and satisfy unfulfilled consumer needs better & sooner than their competitors. • Effective Marketing firm requires insights into consumer’s mind in order to succeed sustainably in today’s cut- throat competitive world. • CB is rapidly growing discipline of study and research by the

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  • situational decision making

    1. Executive summary: This report provides an analysis of situational decision-making (SDM) in marketing‚ the shopping process‚ how different situations affect buyers‚ the behavioral factors and the perceptual factors. The research draws attention to the fact that shopping process is a set of stages that customers intend to go through in order to satisfy their needs and wants. It will also determine how the SDM model is useful for the marketers when promoting their brand. The major finding shows

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  • Mkt 301 High Involvment

    high involvement and low involvement * Computer software (e.g. game or app/application) *Underwear *Restaurant 1.  Explain why the first product you chose was a High Involvement purchase and why the second was a Low Involvement purchase. 2.  Identify and discuss the differences between the way you went through the purchase decision processes for the two products. 3.  Assume now that you are a marketer of each of the two products that you have discussed in the previous pages.  Applying

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  • One Day

    Introduction A manager needs a specific set of skills to effectively and efficiently accomplish their organization’s objectives and perform the roles expected of them in their organization. One of the skills that a manager will need is the skill of decision making. Decision making can be considered as a cognitive process which results to choosing something from two or more alternatives. A final choice or verdict is produced after every decision making process. The result can be an action or an opinion

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  • When Should a Leader Allow Subordinates to Participate in Decision Making?

    It is a common practice in the US for managers to allow subordinates to participate in decision making in order to prepare subordinates for future challenges and tasks. This approach can improve the quality of decisions‚ free up the manager’s time‚ and improve the manager/subordinate relationship. There are several factors and constraints for effective decision delegation. Some of the critical factors mentioned in the Martin Gannon book are the urgency of the decision or time factor‚ the capability

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