R. E. Sba Guidelines

Topics: Critical thinking, Jamaica, Ethiopia, Rastafari movement, Pearson Education, Bob Marley / Pages: 3 (580 words) / Published: Mar 23rd, 2013

Statement Of Aims
Your SBA should have at least 3 aims. The aims tell what you hope to find out, and are centered around the research topic. For example, if “worship” is your area of research, then all the aims must be centered around worship.

This tells how, when and where you will collect information. Why have you selected a particular method of data collection (advantages)? How many questionnaires or interviews were administered? How many questions were on the questionnaires or in the interview schedule and when were they collected?

Formulating Questionnaires: Look at the aims and form questions based on these aims and all the questions must relate to the topic chosen.

Summary of Findings
This section should provide the information to cover your aims. For example if the aims are to discover:
(1) What is the most important Rastafarian symbol?
(2) How are these symbols used in the Rastafarian Movement?
(3) How has the use of the Rastafarian symbols impacted on Jamaica?

You would therefore have to provide information under the following headings for the summary of findings: * Important Rastafarian symbol * Rastafarian symbols and their purposes * The impact of the Rastafarian symbols on the Jamaican society.
Simply put, the summary of findings is the information that is researched based on the aims.

Analysis and Interpretation of Data
In this section you can use diagrams to represent your findings or simply provide a description of their findings.

Interpretation is to say in percentage how the respondents answered the questions.
For example, the questionnaire asks: “What is the most important Rastafarian symbol?”

Questionnaire results shows:
Lion 60%
Flag 5%
Dreadlocks 25%

You illustrate this on a chart and speak to each response, as demonstrated below.

Pie Chart # 1 showing respondents’ view of the most important Rastafarian symbol.

As shown in pie

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