Characteristics of Women That Attract Men

Topics: Gender, Answer, Sex Pages: 2 (379 words) Published: February 26, 2013
2.1 Research Sample
We were searching for a characteristics of woman that attract men. After all, we distributed the questionnaire among Labuan Matriculation Colleges’ student (LMC) 2012/13 to get the specific answer. The questions are universal which can be answer by both gender, male and female. All the respondent are majority from Sabah and Sarawak, while some are from Peninsular Malaysia who studying in LMC. In this research, we were only focusing on teenagers, from age 19 to 20 as we believed, most individu starts to get serious in searching a life partner around this age circle.

2.2 Research Instrument
Categorical and multiple-choices style of questions had been used in this questionnaire. Categorical style are most commonly use to determine the respondent’s life background, while, in order to prove the objectives, multiple-choices answer are given to help the respondents to answer bunch of questions.

2.3 Research Procedure
After finished discussing the research’s topic, we combined all the ideas from the four heads of us to one paper. We justified the questions to be more specific and most important is , the questions must be interesting and easy to be answer. This is because, based on our own experienced, people will easily get bore when answering a question that sounds boring and difficult to answer, especially those question which you have to state a reason for some answer. So, in order to make sure the surveys is in the bag, we try to make it simple and easy as we can. Afterwards, we submitted the softcopy to our subject’s lecturer and wait for her approval. Next, we distributed the questionnaires to all the...
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