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Topics: Pressure, Gas, Pascal Pages: 2 (323 words) Published: May 4, 2014
Chapter 12 section 1 review

1) what characteristics of gases makes them different from liquids or solids?

Gases have particles that are have a greater distance apart from each other than the particles between a solids and a liquid

2) why are gasses considered fluids?
Gasses are fluids because they are able to flow

3) what's happens to gas particles when a gas is compressed?

When a gas is compressed it will move gas particles closer and make the volume smaller.

4) what is the difference between force and pressure?

Force is the pressure applied to an object. Pressure is moved when something moves.

5) what's is the SI unit of pressure, and how is it defined?

The SI unit for for pressure is Pascal. Pa, which is the force of one newton applied over an area of one square meter.

6) how does the kinetic-molecular theory explain the pressure exerted by the gasses?

The kinetic-molecular theory states that the pressure exerted by a gas is a result of collisions of the molecules against the walls of the container.

7) how is a gas's ability to full a container different from that of a liquid or a solid?

A gas expands to fill the entire volume available.

8) the atmospheric pressure on top of Mount Ever is 58 k Pa. What is this pressure in atmospheres?

58 kPa = 0.5724atmospheric

9) the vapor pressure of water 0C is 4.579 mm Hg. What is this pressure in pascals?

Pressure = 4.579 mmHg x 101325 Pascals/760mmHg
Pressure = 463967.175 Pa

10) the laboratory Hg-vacuum system may operate at 1.0x 10 -5 mm Hg. What is this pressure in pascals?

-100,000 Pa

11) how does the kinetic-molecular theory explain why atmospheric pressure is greater altitudes altitude than at higher altitudes?

Atmospheric pressure comes from the number of molecules.

12) molecules of hydrogen escape from earth, but molecules of oxygen and nitrogen are held to the surface. Why?

Nitrogen and oxygen are held to the surface of the earth...
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