Q Meter

Topics: Capacitor, RLC circuit, Measurement Pages: 4 (951 words) Published: February 25, 2013
The Q meter is an instrument used to measure electrical properties of coils and capacitors. Mostly used in testing the radio frequency circuits. A Q-meter basically measures the Q (Quality Factor) of the circuit. It is also used to test the inductors, capacitors for their high frequency inductance, Q , capacitance as well as ∑, tg δ value. Make and Model

MODELWY2851D Digital Q meter
MADE BYShangHai Wuyi Electronics Co., Ltd.

Fig: WY2851D Digital Q meter

Technical Specs
Following are the technical specs of the Q-meter:
1. Available Frequency
50kHz ~ 50MHz 4-digit display in 6 rages. 2. Tolerance of Inductance
3. Measuring Range of inductance
0.01 µH ~ 100 mH 4. Tolerance of Q
± 5%±3% full scale value 5. Q measuring range
10 ~ 1000, including 10 ~ 100, 30 ~ 300, 100 ~ 1000 in 3 ranges 6. Capacitance and inductance

a) Tunable capacitance range: 40 Pf ~ 500 Pf b) Accuracy:± 1% or 1 Pf c) Fine adjustment of capacitance:±3 Pf, ± 0.2 Pf resolution d) The residual inductance:around 20 nH 7. Q present

present range 10 ~ 1000 all available. 8. Size and weight
415× 180× 170 (mm) , 6kg Functional Specs
Following are the main functional specs of the WY2851D Digital Q meter: 1. WY2851D Digital Q meter has been digitally intelligentized based on the older version of the Q-meter structure, so it enhanced the security of tuning mechanical...
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