Public Management and Administration an Introduction

Topics: Public administration, Government, European Parliament Pages: 3 (882 words) Published: October 13, 2012
WK 1: introduction class : Tellegen : 10 sep

Wk 2: 17 sep
Ch 1 and 2 Public management and administration an introduction 1. What does bureaucracy mean? (use Weber for reference)
2. Why did a new model for Public Management emerge around the 90’s? (what were push factors) 3. What is the difference between Public Administration and Public Management 4. Please give an example from real life Public Management that shows that “there is no one best way” and give arguments for your position (0,5 A4 aprox.)

Ch 1 and 2 Understanding Public Management
1. What is Globalization? Give a definition.
2. Name the two types of deficit of globalization
3. IMF, WTO, GATT stand for…
4. Right or wrong?
a. The EU commission proposes new legislation and the council and Parliament jointly decide. b. The Commission’s decisions are taken collectively by majority vote. c. The European Parliament has the power to reject the budget, censure the Commission and is directly elected. d. Only EU institutions and governments can initiate cases at the ECJ.

Wk 3: 24 sep
Ch 3 and 4 Public management and administration an introduction 1. Name the general elements of New Public Management according to Pollit 2. Why is the changed relationship with politicians important? 3. What are the risks of this shift?

4. Why can the private and public sector not be divided strictly or seen as separate 5. What are the basic functions of Government? Give 3 examples of how you use them in your life. Ch 5 and 6 Understanding PM: governance

1. What is the difference between effectiveness and efficiency 2. What is the main critique by Down on Weber? Use civil service ethos, conservers, political control. 3. Choose one of the following three statements and explain (give one every-day life example in order to explain what you mean): a. Governance involves a broader set of policy instruments than legislation...
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