Project Management

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Virtonomics Economic Game (Gamerflot Trading Ltd):

This is an online game for everyone who not only understands the laws of real life economy, business and finance but also enjoys playing online games, meeting interesting people and making useful connections. It is a versatile game that allows for the combination of logical and business gaming with real economic simulations & economic strategies hence the very high attractions with managers and other business men.

Some of the features of this game:
• It is a business game with ideas that can be applied to real life business scenarios • It is a global game with translations currently in English, Chinese and French and has players from more than 40 countries • It is integrated with all popular social networks where most of its advertisement is done via introductions between friends • It is a unique system for business training. In 2009, several universities and business schools in the United States began using its business simulations as a training tool. • Players of this game actually make real money by either: a) Taking part in different contests and tenders as well as regular promotional campaigns b) Attracting other people to play the game.

• Has currently got a players’ level of up to 204.
• This game has got its own currency called VIRT which can be changed to real life currency via the games exchange rate. It buys VIRT currency at the exchange rate of 1 VIRT to $1 minus fee for the money transfer. (minimum of 100 VIRT is required) and transferred can be made via PAYPAL • Has two possible models: “Free-to-play” and “Game Subscription”

Some of the benefits of the game:
The developers of Virtonomics have been able to make money off this game by doing the following: • This game has a community of players on Facebook, My Space etc, with the game itself having players’ forum and chat rooms hence resulting in a reduction in the advertisement cost for the game. • Exchanging virtually money with real money for players to be able to acquire more investment etc in the game. • The game gives players the option of advertising their real-life business or companies but for a fee paid for with real money. • Gamerflot Trading gives the opportunity for people with small size developing platforms to partner with them and pay them a percentage based on the amount of players that transfer from them to Gamerflot Trading. • The game is also making money off players by the option to earn virtual money by buying game points with real money.


Firstly, we must acknowledge not only that no two games engines are alike but also that no essential requirements and cost drivers of a graphical game engine and tools framework remain the same. Secondly, that games are ever increasing in scope and ambition and with this; resulting costs are also going up. Lastly, that underlying factors and project expenses is obviously important.

I have identified the following as some of the cost that will be incurred in the development of Richville- • Cost of putting together all components of the game
a) Carrying Cost: Which is again sub divided into costs generated from the building of the component, maintaining the components to the annual plan for bug fixes and support. b) Modelling Expenses: This will be based mostly on the total cost of Ownership (TCO) which includes everything required to implement the system and keep it running and functioning smoothly. • All hard costs not only have to be captured but have to be quantified. a) Cost of acquisition (e.g. Licensing fees) or development b) Project starting and initial integration with existing technology and tools c) Retrofitting or future re-integrations when upgrading tools in the chain d) On-going maintenance

e) Enhancements or other extensions of functionality
f) Training new employees on...
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